Everything We Know About Pyrite Healing Crystals

For those who choose to use healing crystals in their wellness routines or in spiritual practice, there are nearly-countless stones and crystals to choose from, each said to have its own particular energy and benefits. Some are beneficial for relaxation, others for pain relief, and still others perfectly represent shifts in seasons and are suggested for use in equinox celebrations and other rituals. It's important to know the ins and outs of the crystals you use to ensure you are selecting the right ones for your personal purposes. 

In the case of Pyrite, the shining golden color could easily delight a child pretending to sift for gold in the wild west. But in the realm of healing and spirituality, it is a stone often suggested for use in a wide variety of situations that require a little bit of positive energy, whether for physical healing, for emotional well being, or for general luck (via Healing Crystals). This has a lot to do with the properties this crystal is said to possess.   

The properties of pyrite

Pyrite, with its gold-like appearance, is said to attract abundance, wealth, and prosperity to its owner (via Healing Crystals). It does this by helping to support manifestation and bringing one's dreams into the physical realm of reality. This makes it an excellent stone for rituals involving visualization and positive manifestation. 

It not only helps to attract abundance, but it is said to help the user release unhelpful patterns of behavior or other blocks. This is due to what many believe are its powers of protection. Pyrite is said to protect against negative energies both in the psychic and spiritual realm, and also here in the physical world.  

Further, because of this protective property, pyrite is said to be a good stone to use in physical healing practices (via Charms of Light). It is said to not only protect against negative or harmful energies that could cause illness or distress, but it is also said to help activate the body's natural healing, self-protective, and regenerating abilities. Pyrite, therefore, is a beautiful and versatile crystal to keep in your home for various spiritual and physical needs.