This Natural Hair Hack Is Going Viral On TikTok

Okay, let's be honest here — natural hair is gorgeous. That's not to say other hair types (we're looking at you, 1A to 3B) aren't, but there's something uniquely beautiful about curls and kinks. However beautiful natural hair may be, though, it can be a bit high-maintenance.

Moisturizing and detangling are just a few of the weekly requirements for keeping your hair healthy (via Byrdie). Let's not forget how expensive some natural hair products are. In fact, Black consumers make up over 85% of the share of the "ethnic hair & beauty" market, a 2018 study found (via Nielsen). 

But, there are some ways to make hair care easier. One way, according to a viral hack on TikTok, is to put your hair in a high ponytail, also called a "puff." This way, your hair can grow faster while also being healthy, the video stated. How do you do it if your hair isn't long, though?

A high-puff hack for short natural hair

Putting your hair in a puff sounds simple. Grab some gel, brush, and a scrunchie — and there you have it, right? But what happens if your hair is too short for a ponytail? No fret for any short-haired naturals. This hack demonstrates just how simple it is to put your hair in a puff no matter the length.

Per the TikTok video, instead of a rubber band, you're going to use a long piece of cloth — something like a shoestring, skinny elastic string, or single pantyhose leg, for example. Prep your hair like you're doing any other ponytail. That includes laying down those baby hairs and smoothing your tresses. Next, hold the ends of the string around your hairline and pull them tight. Your hair should slowly start to form a puff the more you pull the string. Secure the ends, and that's it — puff formed!

While wearing a puff can help your hair grow longer, it can also damage your hair and hairline if you're not careful, per Naturally Curly. Natural hair has to be detangled weekly, sometimes daily depending on its thickness. So, while you may think your hair is fine and doesn't need to be detangled when in a high ponytail, in actuality, it does, the outlet added. And be sure not to wear a high puff 24/7, as it can be stressful on your edges.