The Truth About Too Hot To Handle's Melinda Melrose

Netflix's "Too Hot to Handle" is too hot to miss. If you don't know, this reality series blends love with a competition series in which very single and very attractive contestants will win a grand prize of $100,000 if they can abstain from any sexual activities, including self-gratification. It's essentially "The Bachelorette" meets "Big Brother" but with its own unique set of rules. Season 1, the hotties lived in Mexico; Season 2, the sexy singles will be housed in Turks and Caicos.

The new season of "Too Hot to Handle," which premieres on June 23, brings a new cast of contestants on an island getaway to find deeper connections with each other. Among these new contestants is Melinda Melrose, a 28-year-old model from Brooklyn, New York (via Reality Titbit). Her motivation for joining the reality series is to find a man that can "keep up with her" in life. That isn't too much to ask, right?

Melinda may not actually be looking for love

According to Reality Titbit, Melinda Melrose is one of 16 children, which may have had influence on her desire to want to stand out, leading her to becoming a model and eventually appearing in a reality television series. Her Instagram bio, where she has amassed over 44,000 followers, says that she "built a runway I'm not too short for," which shows her tenacity for growth. 

This could be why she's interested in the show. According to Celebs In-Depth, Melrose has been dating her boyfriend, Darius Goodworth, for seven years, and the two may have just temporarily put their relationship on hold so that she could film "Too Hot to Handle" to boost her career. 

Goodworth is a registered nurse, and Celebs In-Depth reports that he still shares photos and videos of Melrose on his Instagram Story, so it appears they're still together. While Melrose states she's going on the show to find a man that can "keep up with her," she could simply be saying this to maintain her single appearance while actually still dating Goodworth back home.