The 1990s Beauty Trend That Was Actually Harmful To Your Hair

These days, it seems like all the biggest trends have their origins in the 1990s. From curtain bangs to claw clips, TikTokers are bringing back the styles of 30 years ago with full force. But should some of those trends really be revived, or should they stay, well, dead? Enter crimped hair, the Britney Spears-inspired styling technique that was oh so 90s, per Vogue. The young and jazzy look was characterized by small, carefully selected crimped sections of hair that rested on top of sleek straight strands. Some celebrities, including Tyra Banks, enjoyed a full head of crimped hair, as noted by Allure.

According to Simple Most, the zig-zagged style is making a comeback, with TikTokers posting hacks for achieving perfectly crimped strands. However, Bustle is here to rain on the 90s parade. As explained by writer Kelsey Nguyen, a crimping iron is not exactly the healthiest hairstyling stool. The tool requires you to hold your hair in the heat for long periods of time to achieve the zig-zag look. Overtime, this can result in dehydrated strands that tend to look dull and break easily. And if you have naturally curly hair, a crimping iron means really bad news. The heated tool can significantly alter your curl pattern, and it may take a lot of time for your curls to return to their natural spirals.

How to achieve crimped locks without damaging your hair

If you are really itching to try out crimped hair and bask in the glow of all things 1990s, we suggest braiding your hair instead of using a crimping iron. In a demonstration video, YouTube influencer Samantha Nicole suggested first dampening your hair, as your strands are more impressionable when they're wet. Then, braid your hair into two very tight French braids on either side of your head, and sleep in the style overnight. If your strands tend to lose shape and fall flat quickly, try adding a little gel or cream to your wet hair before braiding it.

When you unbraid your hair in the morning, finish off the style with more gel or a little hairspray. This will help the style last longer throughout the day. While braids won't give you exactly the puffy, crimped look of Britney Spears or Tyra Banks in the 90s, the waves will be pretty close. This is especially true if you take the time to braid your hair into three or more French braids before you sleep on them overnight. Plus, you have to admit that braids are much easier than standing in the bathroom for an hour trying to get the perfect crimps.