Here's What Everyone Gets Wrong About Scorpios

Scorpios – who enter the world between October 23 and November 22 — are daring, passionate, and mysterious souls. However, this star sign can sometimes get a bad reputation. That being said, here are the things people get wrong about Scorpios. Ready to take a deeper look into why these signs are the way they are?

You may have heard or even said yourself that Scorpios have trust issues. While anyone can struggle in this department, there is another explanation: Scorpios are very self-aware and independent, so they may simply prefer handling tasks and life on their own.

On a similar note, those born under this sign can be described as distant. However, this is probably just due to the intense emotions felt by Scorpios. They can be very in their heads, but this does not mean they don't process feelings or that they are being overly moody.

Another common misconception is that all Scorpios are stubborn. This can be explained by their desire for perfection combined with their need for validation. They don't want to be misunderstood and underestimated, so they will go out of their way to explain their side of things (via Zodiac Idea).

There are reasons Scorpios are how they are

Since Scorpios can be perfectionists and can have the tendency to overthink things, they can dwell on their not-so-great characteristics. In fact, Cosmopolitan stated that "the only people who have more to say about Scorpios' negative traits than their exes are ... Scorpios themselves." The publication went on to note, though, that this can help make these types even better. "Scorpios thrive on Scorpio hate. It makes us stronger."

Drew Allen, the founder of Angelite Astrology, continued these thoughts in Cosmopolitan. "If you come across a Scorpio who is not living the life they're meant to or feels misunderstood in their environment, the negative clichés will seep out." This is true for every sign, as a person who is not being the best version of themselves may be more likely to show off negative characteristics than positive ones.

Allen went on to say, "A more evolved Scorpio is going to love you unconditionally, give you great advice, protect you, and use their passionate energy to fight for worthy causes." And that doesn't sound uncooperative or unfeeling at all!