Here's How To Save Your Natural Curls After Frying Your Hair

Naturally curly hair is one of those incredible physical features that has attempted to be duplicated for decades using many types of styling tools and salon treatments, like the perm. Alternately, those with naturally curly hair might get the urge to go straight and begin experimenting with chemical hair relaxing, Keratin, or flat ironing, all which can result in dry, damaged, and even burned hair. 

According to Byrdie, in some cases it only takes one bad burn to damage the hair, ruining the curl pattern, and unfortunately, you cannot completely repair the damage. The only recourse you have is to nourish the hair and avoid further damage as the new growth comes in. Shab Reslan, certified trichologist and Hair Health Expert at HairClub, told Byrdie, "Once you burn the hair, there's no going back until you grow new hair. All it takes is one time and the damage is irreversible." Still, don't despair, because even though you cannot repair the hair, there are affordable and simple ways to protect it to prevent further damage and help restore your curl pattern.

Easy and affordable ways to protect and nourish damaged hair

If your curls are fried, Sierra Kenner, curl expert, suggested giving up daily shampooing. She explained to Bustle that over-shampooing can strip curls of their natural moisture, resulting in dry hair, leaving it susceptible to further damage. When you do shampoo, choose a product free of phthalates, as they can disrupt the curl pattern you're trying to nurture back to health.

In addition, the experts at Byrdie recommended minimizing or completely eliminating the use of heating tools, at least for some time, as that is the quickest way to help restore the natural curl pattern and avoid further damage.

To help nourish your curls back to life, use an at home or store bought protein packed conditioning treatment with ingredients such as avocado, extra virgin olive oil, and coconut milk, which will help bring back bounce, shine, and strength. Kenner also shared with Bustle that a weekly mask can make a significant impact on the hair's health. Byrdie reported that deep conditioning treatments are also essential for hydrating, restoring, and even supporting damaged follicles. So there you have it — lay off the hot tools, and give your curls the chance to regroup.