Read This If You And Your Partner Have The Same Zodiac Sign

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So, you're dating someone who has the same zodiac sign as you. Is it a match made in heaven, a recipe for disaster, or nothing to worry about?

Experts say it depends on a few things — and if you're a big believer in astrology, it's also important to remember that our birth charts are way more complicated than just our sun signs.

But sticking to zodiac signs alone, the upside is that you'll most likely understand each other and share similar values. "How you see the world, your approach to life, your values, and your quirks are likely to be similar," astrologer Skye Alexander, author of Magickal Astrology, told PopSugar.

Alexander noted that the danger in dating someone who shares your zodiac sign is that you may also share the same weaknesses. "Two Libras might have trouble making decisions and vacillate endlessly, even over little things, like where to go for dinner, and two Leos may get into ego battles from both wanting to be the center of attention," Alexander explained.

Some signs may be more compatible than others

According to, people with certain zodiac signs may find more success dating someone of the same sign than others. For example, Cancers are often a good match because they share nurturing personality traits and they both prefer to stay in. Leos, on the other hand, are known for enjoying being the center of attention — so this could cause some conflict.

Because Virgos tend to share high goals, they can be a great match — just as long as they can both avoid overanalyzing the relationship. Per, Libras and Sagittarians are also a good match and, surprisingly, so are Capricorns.

It's worth noting that not all astrologers agree on which signs are a good match and which should stay away from each other. Fsor example, astrologer Clarisse Monahan gave some compelling reasons that Geminis, Leos, and Aries are good matches (via Bustle), while cautioned that these signs shouldn't date each other.

The bottom line is that astrology is fun and can give us some interesting insight into ourselves and others, but if your relationship is happy and healthy, there's probably nothing to worry about if you have the same zodiac sign.