Jennifer Aniston Shares New Details About Her Life Today

Jennifer Aniston has millions of fans across the globe and is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She's amassed an incredible body of work like her breakout role as Rachel Green in the iconic television series "Friends" and her films such as "The Break-Up" (via IMDb). However, life in the spotlight has not always been kind to the actress. In the past, the tabloids have hounded Aniston for things such as her high-profile relationships and divorces from Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux. Magazines have also shared story after story about Aniston being pregnant or wanting children, per The Cut.

However, through it all Aniston had kept her head held high, even though she's admitted that it hasn't always been easy. "Am I lonely? Yes. Am I upset? Yes. Am I confused? Yes," Aniston said in a candid interview with Vanity Fair back in 2006. "Do I have my days when I've thrown a little pity party for myself? Absolutely. But I'm also doing really well. I've got an unbelievable support team, and I'm a tough cookie. ... I believe in therapy; I think it's an incredible tool in educating the self on the self. I feel very strong. I'm really proud of how I've conducted myself," she added. Now, Aniston is opening up about her life yet again, and revealing how she has continued to stay hopeful and happy after all these years in the public eye.

Jennifer Aniston watches the sunset every day

Jennifer Aniston is now opening up to People Magazine about what her life is like today, and how she continues to stay happy and positive through all of the ups and downs life throws at her. The former "Friends" star admits that something she does every day is watching the sunset. "It's my favorite moment," she says. "I wish we could freeze time in that magic hour because there's a lot of taking it all in, the appreciation of the day and what's happening. It's so simple. There's no real markers for it, but there are just moments where you just feel ... ahhhh," she said about the sunset.

Aniston also tells the outlet that she's at peace with the current state of her life, and that she takes actions to ensure that she feels happy and healthy. "For me, I meditate every day — and sitting quietly, writing," she says. "That's enough. And any kind of yoga practice is my meditation. I just have faith in a bigger picture, I guess. And I believe in humanity, even though there's so much to discourage us from believing in it — but I do," Aniston declared.

The actress also admitted that therapy has helped her tremendously. "Self-awareness is key. I've really gotten a lot out of therapy. Just being a public person, there's a lot of amazing things that come with that. But there's also a lot of tough stuff, because we're only human," she says.

Jennifer Aniston is in a peaceful place in her life

In addition to finding inner peace and little ways to enjoy her day, Jennifer Aniston says that her life is filled with some very important people. However, even those closest to "The Morning Show" star can be fooled by the tabloid fodder at times. "Sometimes you can't help family members or people sending stuff over going, 'What is this? You're having a baby? Are you getting married?' It's like, 'Oh, good gosh, when and how many years will it take for you to ignore that silliness?'" Aniston told People Magazine.

Despite the sometimes negative media attention, Aniston says that she's in a great place in her life. "I'm in a really peaceful place. I have a job that I love, I have people in my life who are everything to me, and I have beautiful dogs. I'm just a very fortunate and blessed human being." When asked how she would like to be remembered, the actress gave a beautiful and loving response, revealing that she wants to be remembered for making the people around her laugh. "I have a good heart, and I'm a great friend," she added. "I lead with love." It's safe to say that she'll be remembered by fans for making them laugh, and for being one of the strongest women in Hollywood.