Breegan Jane Dishes On The House My Wedding Bought & Design Tips - Exclusive Interview

Breegan Jane is a reminder to us all that it's totally possible to make your career dreams come true while simultaneously being an awesome mom. This LA-based mother of two has dedicated her life to her passion for interior design. And she is no stranger to being in the public eye, having made appearances on a number of television shows, including ABC's "The Chat," Hallmark's "Home & Family," and, perhaps most notably, on HGTV's recent reboot of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." Jane has also appeared in a few independent films and television shows, and she even gave writing a go with her very first children's book, "Carbie" (via

Fans of the designer are buzzing over her brand new show, "The House My Wedding Bought," a Discovery+ series that follows Jane as she helps couples plan and save for two of the biggest life events they'll face: marriage and the purchase of their first home. The List sat down with Jane via Zoom for an exclusive interview, and she told us all about the beginnings of her incredible career, some inside information about her new show, and lots more.

Breegan Jane always knew she wanted to be involved in interior design

What first got you into interior design? Do you have any memories of being a young person interested in furniture and wallpapers?

Yes, my mom just reminded me this week that there was a time where I took gold paint and did design detail on the ceiling of my bedroom when I was in high school, and had done ornate trim in the middle of the night with her gold acrylic paint. That being said, I did not know that that was something I could turn into a career until later in life. My creativity, when I look back on it, was always there and glaringly obvious, but it didn't necessarily have a standard structured path to what that looked like as a creative person.

So, is there a point you can remember when you kind of started to put those pieces together and you realized you really could turn it into a career for yourself?

Yeah, I think at 19, I opened a clothing store, and one of the things that I should have noticed then was how interested I was in the redesign of the store, and in our window displays. A lot of designers, I find, had a first path in fashion on some level, and I think that that was sort of the moment for me where I knew that I was good at business, and at visual representation.

Excellent. Do you think that the interior design scene in LA is kind of unique to that area, and if so, what about it stands out as being unique?

I think one of the things we are blessed with in Los Angeles is the ability to connect with clientele that appreciates usually the arts themselves. Because our main industries, one of them is Hollywood so creativity and expression is something people care a lot about in Los Angeles. Then because we're a large real estate market where investment into property makes sense, there just seemed to be a lot of opportunities to design, and to design interesting, special things.

What were some of your early projects? What were some of the first things that you really started to work on?

I think for me, my first experience into design on my own, so I had done it through estate management. That's sort of a background that got me into sort of setting up homes, and at times, managing the construction that it took to oversee those homes. But it wasn't until I went out and really flipped my first home that I truly was given the opportunity to go, "Wow, this is something I'm good at, this is something I love doing, and I love all aspects of it."

These are some of Breegan Jane's favorite parts of working in interior design

What are some of your favorite parts when it comes to working with people and their spaces, and what really stands out for you as being one of your favorite elements of your job?

Well, the creative part for me is just that blessing to find the talent that you were given. So, I can walk into a space and I just know what it should be, or I can see it, it's like I can barely see it for what it is. However, I think the experience of having to have done it myself, and having to have come from the background of investing in the materials themselves, investing in what it would put into your home value, and making that creativity work, is why my clients love me. Because I go through it, I've been through it, I'm very honest, and there's a lot of interesting things you can do depending on the budget. I think a lot of times people just think interior designers are going to spend money, but at the root of it, we're really good at creating home no matter where we are.

Yeah, I'm so curious about what you said about you kind of walking into a space and you see it for what it could be. Can you talk about that a little bit? I'm so curious because I'm picturing it being like these blueprints in your mind a little bit.

Yeah, that's kind of what it looks like. I just move things with my eyes and I can see, and I can literally be like, "If that wall wasn't there, this is what it would look like, and if we just raise this up there, that would be fine. Imagine slab." It's like once I picture it, I can't see the space any other way, I'm always creating the future ideal space. I've been known to do it at restaurants, and hotel lobbies, and bars. A lot of those places are also inspiration sources, but at other times, my friends love to just lean over to me at a dinner setting and go, "Okay, Breegan, what would you do?" It becomes one of our conversational elements, because I'm just like, "Well, you see how they have two big pots ..." Or sometimes I'm just pointing out the most creative things, I'm like, "Look at how they strategically put that there, that is brilliant, and that is genius, because otherwise it would have looked like this." It's just what I do all day.

How Breegan Jane uses her interior design eye on her and her friends' homes

Do your friends ask you a lot for advice or for ... Like, "Hey, could you come into my home and tell me what I should do with my couch?"

Yes, I have two reactions. One is people don't want to have me over, and it really hurts my feelings, because ... It really does, because they are like, "I can't have you over, you're a designer." I'm like, "What are you ... I love homes, being invited to your home is that much more special to me." It's interesting, and then the other one is, if you do let me over, I'm probably going to be moving some of your furniture around.

Do you do that in your own home too? Do you feel like you're kind of in a space where you always want to change things, or have you reached a point where you're like, "No, this is how it's meant to be"?

No, I change it constantly. I change it constantly, and it's just, for me, it's all about function, and what's happening in my life right now, and why we might need a space here, or what's going on over there. It might be a new piece I get in, or something I'm inspired by. But the general sort of ... This is another reason I love to design in neutrals, is the general space, as long as you install well and make good choices, the furnishings and the layout have the ability to evolve constantly. I think this is one thing that people aren't doing right now. It's like they set up their living room the day they move in and then they never address it again.

What are some of your favorite interior trends?

I don't know if you've heard about the "unkitchen," but I think that ... That is where the kitchen is looking more like a library, or it's more muted in the space, so you can't really tell it's a kitchen. Appliances are more hidden, and then there might be a range. It usually interacts more with the space as an extension of the living room, or an office. It usually has a seated area right near the range, which is interesting. It's just a more integrated kitchen, I guess. That's something I'm enjoying the idea of, because I think it's not so much open concept that matters; it's that your kitchen is really a room in your home, you know what I mean?

It should be a room in your home instead of this industrial space, so that to me is really interesting. I love occasional tables right now, I think we're seeing a ton of them. I think just having a lot of little tables at different heights around your space, really allows the usage to change. But there's always enough space for a foot up, a computer, a device, a drink, and they can kind of move around your space all the time.

The House My Wedding Bought star's advice for small spaces

For any of our readers with small spaces that want to make their space functional, but still really beautiful, what would you recommend to them?

Yeah, occasional tables are their friend, because they don't take up a lot of space, but they allow the usage of your space to change depending on what you need it for. So, it allows it to be very multifunctional. Get a small little drink table, when you're having a girlfriend over, put it right in front of a chair. If you need to charge your phone and have it near your computer because you're working, you will have that small occasional table for that same sort of choice. Some of them also can double duty as stools or extra seating, especially if it's a small tufted ottoman. I think that round right now really lends itself to ... It fits anywhere, round is very inviting. So, that's one thing that I definitely am recommending for small spaces right now. 

Also, just move your furniture, just pick it up and move it. If something's not working, I think our impulse is to buy, but as we're seeing through this show and everything, people are really trying to save their money, and own their homes, and they're getting married and starting their new life. It's like, before you buy that whole new bedroom set or your ... Try to figure out that your couch and his couch don't work together, just try it. Just move some things around, because often the problem isn't solved in purchasing, you know what I mean? It's understanding your function better, and then go and buy the piece once you know where the couch is supposed to go.

Absolutely, there's so much truth to that. It's crazy how just moving a piece of furniture can make your space feel completely new. I'm living alone for the first time in my life, and it's the first time I've been able to do whatever I want to the space. I remember inviting my mom over, and I was like, "I have no idea what to do with this couch," because I had it in my mind that I was ... This is the wall that the couch goes on, that's just where it goes, and then she made just the simplest suggestion, "Did you consider putting it on that wall?" When we moved it, it was the biggest light bulb where I was like, "I can't believe how much that literally transformed the entire space, and it cost me no money at all."

No money at all, no money at all.

Just move your stuff.

If you're feeling like you need some happiness, a plant always.

Breegan Jane dishes about The House My Wedding Bought

So, then kind of switching gears a little bit to the show. So many people are so excited to be watching it. First of all, what were the beginning processes of getting the show started?

I'm so blessed to be a part of the HGTV family, and I love working with them. I would say we've been working together for the last three years, and it's just nice to work with so many like-minded, creative individuals. Part of being a designer and a real estate expert is very isolating, you know what I mean? Our professions center around our businesses and not necessarily interacting as much with people who think like us and nerd out over the same things. So, it's really fun to be a part of that family, and I think that there's just a need for this show right now. I think that we are all wanting to make the best choices for our future. Where I can help in that process is through going through the home-purchasing process myself several times over, and understanding it, and knowing it, and knowing how it can help you in your future family-planning. I'm a mom with two kids. Making smart, tough choices is the way you get to the life you want. Right now, when people are starting their new lives founded in their love, it's time to create the home you want and have the wedding you want with all the people you love around you. There's not much ... When you reach that point, you've never done it before, either one of those moments, and there's so many exterior pressures, and shoulds, and it's confusing to really understand your options.

Working in the interior design space is familiar to you, but what about working in the wedding space for the show. Was there a learning curve there for you?

I think, for me, that when you are inside homemaking and hospitality, event planning is a portion of that that I have had experience with. With having been married myself, I know exactly what that pressure felt like and what the options are. But for me, it's really also a math game of options and business. It's do you want that dress or not? Here's what it looks like. It's the experience of spending money, and it's returned to you, and it's returned to you emotionally, not just financially, and that I feel like I understand completely.

Absolutely, and that's probably something that so many people can relate to.


Breegan Jane opens up about the couples featured on The House My Wedding Bought

What was the process of choosing the couples who would be featured on the show?

Well, I think that it's always an interesting process that luckily I have support around. What I like about our couples is they all have different budgets, so you can see a different relatability, depending on if you're watching the show to maybe get some ideas, you know what I mean? They do show varying budgets. I think that it's ... Each one of them has become near and dear friends of mine, and it's great, and they're cute, and they're fun. I think it's like could be your best friend, could be your neighbor. These are people that you know, even if you don't know these people.

Yeah, absolutely. Are there some moments that stick out for you as being especially memorable from the show?

I don't know what's memorable, but I often catch my side-eye, and I forgot how strong my opinions are. It's great. I love that I see that realness in me stick out, even though I might cringe at it.

That's probably one of the reasons that people love you though, because they know you're going to be honest, but you probably do it in a warmhearted, well-intentioned way.

It's an interesting dance that being a mother definitely helped me learn.

Yeah, I'm sure that there's some similarities between raising children and helping newlyweds.

There's a few.

Breegan Jane's advice for newlyweds

So, what do you think are some of the most common mistakes that newlyweds make when it comes to looking for a home?

I think the mistake is in ... How do I put this? I think that they often are so concentrated on one specific thing that they forget to look up and experience the moment, and really re-ask themselves their questions and their whys. I think that you see that when you watch a couple presented with different options, and their tune kind of changes. They might not have had that opportunity without outside expertise and pressure to go, "Wait, let just look at it the other way." I think when we are living through the best moments in our lives, or the coolest new experiences, we generally have a hard time letting go of the dream and just enjoying where we are and how we got here.

Right, because it'll be over before you know it, and suddenly you'll be settled and maybe you were just so stressed out throughout the whole process.

Yes, exactly.

So, for these couples who are working on these two huge life events of planning a wedding and looking for a home, if you had to give them one piece of advice, for any of our readers maybe who are doing both, what would you say to them?

Find the one thing in each of you that is super important that you don't want to give up, and I don't care how silly or meaningful it is. If you want to get those high heels, because that's the one thing, and you've been waiting your whole life to buy these shoes ... [if you] really just want your family or your grandma to bake her cookies for your reception, then have grandma bake the cookies for the reception. There's usually one or two things that you should not give on, and don't let people convince you to give on those things, you know what I mean? But then let the rest go and have fun, and be open to the experience.

Absolutely, yeah. It makes me wonder, are there any behind the scenes moments that viewers might not see on the show? Anything that you think is worth sharing or anything that was memorable? 

I would say that ... It's so adorable to watch two people absolutely in love. I think that that's also what this show brings is that young, fresh snuggle. It was really fun to work with people who are disagreeing on things, but then you would just find cuddling noses in the corner. Because they're very happy to start this new chapter of their lives filled with love, and that is the root of what they're doing.

"The House My Wedding Bought" is available to stream on Discovery+ today.