The Ultimate Guide To Achieving A Trendy Fairycore Aesthetic

There is honestly just one rule in life when it comes to fashion — you can follow a trend, or you can do your own thing. The latter includes putting your own spin on a trend to make it your own. This helps bring out your personal style and helps show the world who you are, as well as helping you express your authentic self.

Some common trendy aesthetics include the soft girl aesthetic and the grunge aesthetic, but one trend that doesn't get enough credit is the fairycore aesthetic. The fairycore aesthetic naturally takes its name from the fairy, and it centers on being "warm" and "glittery" (via Nylon). According to Nylon, the fairycore aesthetic has over 394,000 tags on Instagram and over 283 million views on TikTok. It's safe to say that this trend is incredibly popular, and for good reason. The trend sees elements of both nature and the fantastical, combining to make something innately whimsical and, ultimately, human.

According to the blog Chasing Daisies, fairycore is defined as centering on "magic in nature" and often includes butterflies, flowers, pastels, and other cute images in its appearance. Important to note is that fairycore is not the same as cottagecore, with the main difference being cottagecore's roots in the human world (the Italian countryside, for example) and fairycore's roots in the fairy/magical world.

These key things will help you master fairycore in no time

Fairycore is the kind of aesthetic that you may not even have realized you've dabbled in before. According to Nylon, we're always entering into the aesthetic, whether it's wearing tutus or flower crowns. These are all things that are magical in their own right. It's about the connection to nature or the movement, in a tutu's case. This movement — this flow, this wearing of something different from the everyday — allows you to connect to the fairy world.

"[Fairycore] gives you the same sentiment of applying pastel makeup or ethereal hair accessories after a long cold winter and feeling as though you're actually enveloping yourself in a better vibe," fashion historian Rachel Weingarten explained. "Even if you're not physically in a better place, you transform yourself and thereby transform your world" (via Nylon).

But what do you need to create your fairycore aesthetic? As it turns out, you don't need much. Fairycore is about combining the magical and the everyday, so you can turn any look into fairycore with some whimsical accessories and colorful makeup (via Nylon). You don't need to buy wings to properly encapsulate the aesthetic, either. For example, when looking at accessories, look for earrings of butterflies, flowers, and fairies, and look for necklaces of plants or fairy wings. Incorporate pastel colors into your makeup and outfits, or maybe opt for more earth-like tones. 

Some staple wardrobe items to consider include flowing dresses, glittery makeup, slippers, open-toe shoes, bows, ribbons, sheer clothes, lace, and pastel nail polish (via Chasing Daisies). If you opt for a pastel yellow nail color, a dress, plenty of highlight on your face, and the right earrings and necklace, you'll be encapsulating fairycore brilliantly. And as Chasing Daisies notes, shoes are optional!