These Adorable TikTok-Viral Sandals Are Only $15

Sandals are as much a part of the warm-weather months as shorts, sunglasses, sunscreen, swimsuits, and sun hats. As a result, you likely have quite a collection of sandals in your summer wardrobe (or your year-round wardrobe if you live somewhere with an amazing climate). No doubt you have plenty of sandals and flip flops, but you could probably use another pair as the weather heats up. You might think it unlikely that you could get a comfy pair for a mere $15, but hundreds of TikTok users agree that Target has a fabulous summer shoe for a bargain price (via Pop Sugar). 


These stylish sandals come in at least four colors and a variety of sizes, including women's sizes 5 through 12, meaning there's a comfortable pair for anybody who wants to buy one. They're perfect for a day at the beach or just kicking back in a casual outfit.

TikTok users love these cute Target sandals

TikTok users are wild for Target's A New Day Daisy Crossband Slide Sandals. According to Pop Sugar, these trendy sandals from A New Day feel as comfortable as walking on a cloud, which is high praise for such a humble piece of footwear. The crossband design allows you to step right into these shoes without worrying about buckles or ties. They also feature memory foam cushioning, which probably adds to the cloud-like comfort. 


Target sells these sandals in four colors — black, coral, tan, and lavender — so there's one to match any summery outfit you have in your closet. At such an affordable price, you could conceivably purchase all four colors if you love them as much as other TikTokers. The description on the discount retailer's website points out that they work for both casual and dressier outfits, which makes them a versatile addition to your summer wardrobe. With a four-star rating, it is hard to go wrong with these cute, comfortable, and functional sandals. They sell out quickly, though, so if you find the color you want in your size, you might want to snap it up right away.