Some Perfumes Are Considered Skin Scents - Here's What That Means

The perfume you wear has the power to say a lot about your personality, according to subscription box service Scentbird. If you tend to go for citrusy perfumes, you might be more bold and outgoing. Fans of floral scents are often nurturing and romantic. Lovers of spice-heavy perfumes with ingredients like vanilla, musk, and clove are alluring and bold. Woody perfumes like oud and sandalwood fit nature-lovers (via Fragrantica).

Some perfumes, like Chanel's iconic Chanel No.5 are scents that have stood the test of time. Others, like many celebrity perfumes, are more ephemeral — found at every department store perfume counter for one season and nothing but a cotton-candy scented memory the next.

The longevity of perfumes also differ, depending on which one you select. Some, like Tom Ford's Black Orchid, last long into the night, while others evaporate in a matter of hours (via InStyle). Your personality, lifestyle, and preferences all have an impact on which perfume you choose to become your signature scent. But there's a new scent trend that perfume-lovers should be aware of: skin scents.

Skin scents are mysterious, "barely there" perfumes that emulate the scent of skin

Almost like the "no-makeup" makeup look of the perfume world, skin scents are a type of perfume that is made to smell like skin (via Byrdie) They are light, delicate fragrances that are intended to only be smelled by the wearer —and anyone standing very close.

According to perfume expert Tynan Sinks, skin scents are typically made with a specific molecule called Iso E Super, which was developed in 1973 by an American cosmetic corporation called International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. (via Byrdie). The molecule is delicately scented and smells softly of wood and musk. Sinks thinks the attraction of skin scents is often psychological: beauty and self-care can be very ritualistic, and if someone doesn't like bold or strong scents they might still enjoy the act of spritzing on a perfume. Examples of skin scent perfumes today include Glossier's You and Rosie Jane perfume oil.

If strong scents aren't your thing, but you're still looking for a touch of light, delicate scent to pull together your daily beauty ritual, skin scents might be the perfume for you.