What Casting Professionals Really Think About Meghan Markle Returning To Acting

When Meghan Markle officially joined the royal family upon marrying Prince Harry, she effectively gave up her acting career. However, when the beloved couple stepped back from their royal duties just a short while later, it seemed all bets were off. The situation was further complicated by Meghan and Harry's move stateside to fashionable Montecito, where they could schmooze with A-list types, including Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, in whose home they initially stayed (via CBS News). 

As The Mirror reported in March, following the Sussexes' groundbreaking interview with Oprah, "Royals at War" author Dylan Howard breathlessly surmised, "Meghan is creating a new form of celebrity for herself with media conglomerates in the 10s of 100s of millions of dollars. It sets her on a path of unparalleled stardom. Let's not be surprised if we see her return to acting." But, is acting a realistic option for the duchess? Where does Meghan stand in the industry if she does decide to come back?

TV would reportedly be Meghan Markle's best bet

Hot off the news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had stepped back from the royal family, Slate spoke anonymously with three L.A.-based casting professionals about whether the former "Suits" star could comfortably transition back into acting. Two of the three argued that Meghan was not that big of a star to begin with, and one even opined, "Her best bet would be to come back to Hollywood and make it as a personality rather than getting back to scripted roles." However, thanks to Meghan's strong TV presence, particularly on "Suits," similar roles might apply.

One casting professional argued, "I [can] see her getting offers to do a lot of random guest-star roles as stunt casting. I don't know if she would have time [to take a regular role in a series]." However, the duchess could possibly figure out an arrangement where she only commits to a handful of episodes but is still considered a series regular, depending on the contract. Another pro suggested, "I could see her doing something scripted eventually, but not anything substantial."

Meghan Markle will be limited in her choices

The issue with Meghan Markle's return to acting, as one casting professional explained to Slate, is that she may only want to lead a show due to her considerably increased public profile. A reality special following her journey to re-enter the industry could work, though it's unlikely the duchess would agree to it. Likewise, indie cinema or "dark, edgy roles" wouldn't suit her. In fact, one casting professional noted, "I would imagine that Disney or Lifetime or Hallmark might be the only real venues she can explore, because I'm sure there's a level of material she can't do."

The ideal role might be a Disney princess, or a morally sound professional woman on something like the CBS' "All Rise," where Meghan would get to play "dignified and intelligent, and it wouldn't hurt her brand." According to royal biographer Andrew Morton, the queen encouraged the former "Suits" star to continue her acting career, as he detailed on the "Royally Obsessed" podcast (via The Independent). We cannot wait to see what's ahead for the Duchess of Sussex, no matter which avenue she chooses to pursue!