The Hair Care Brand Created By Jennifer Lopez's Stylist

Jennifer Lopez is undeniably a style queen and her hair is always on point — just check out her Instagram! So you can be pretty confident in knowing that whoever styles J.Lo's hair knows what they're doing, product-wise. Rita Hazan even credits her work with Lopez as helping solidify her as the go-to for hair color, telling amNewYork "When I first saw her, she had dark hair and I felt like it was too harsh for her personality and skin tone. I decided to create a honey-highlighted hair color for her and people went crazy over it."

Along with Lopez, Hazan has also worked with Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Chrissy Teigen, and Rita Ora (from TZR), and Hazan has created a line of products solidifying her stance as "The Hair Color Authority" (via Rita Hazan). She's all about getting people to have the best hair color for them. "You don't want your hair to wear you," she explained to amNewYork, "you want to have hair that complements your skin and eyes."

Rita Hazan wants to make having color treated hair easy

Jennifer Lopez's stylist Rita Hazan created her own line of products because, "There are so many misconceptions about hair color maintenance. I made it simple, easy & fast to keep your hair healthy & color vibrant" (from Rita Hazan). The items are made for use on already color-treated hair and, even better, she's got products for every hair type (from Happily Eva After).

One of her well-known, and award-winning, products helps you extend time between salon visits and covers up grays: Root Concealer Touch Up Spray (from $25). Testers for Good Housekeeping said "they were pleasantly surprised that it didn't leave any residue on clothing or bedsheets! It didn't leave hair feeling greasy and ... it also washed out easily at the end of the day."

Hazan honed her skills by training for six years at the famous Oribe, and she now has her own salon (via MISSBISH). Hazan's go-to products that she uses daily are her True Color Shampoo, True Color Ultimate Shine Gloss, and True Color Conditioner (from MISSBISH).