Things you don't know about Rosanna Pansino

If you like baking and enjoy watching videos on YouTube, chances are you've come across Rosanna Pansino's Nerdy Nummies channel. The show is an absolute viral hit and has amassed over 7 million subscribers and close to 2 billion views in the seven years since its launch back in 2010.

Every week, millions of fans tune in to watch Pansino bake up a storm and create unique treats based on her favorite video games, comic books and sci-fi characters. Her skills in the kitchen are no secret, but here are 11 surprising facts you may not have known about this online superstar.

She used to be a professional actress

Before she ever appeared on YouTube, Pansino was working hard, pursuing her first love: acting. "I fell in love with and have always been fascinated by the entertainment industry," she told Huffington Post. "In high school I participated in drama club and theater. Although no one in my family worked in entertainment, it's what I wanted to do more than anything. I decided to pursue it after college, so I moved to Los Angeles and took any oddball jobs I could find."

Working as a union actress, she landed a gig "as a hand double for the show Ghost Whisperer. Not for Jennifer Love Hewitt but the boy who played her son Aiden in the show," she revealed. "I was a stand in, an extra on Glee [playing a cheerleader] for two seasons, and even a Production Assistant. I wasn't the best PA though because I used to mess up all the coffee orders," she joked.

She was forced to choose between acting and YouTube

While working in Hollywood, filming YouTube videos for fun in her spare time, Pansino was presented with an ultimatum. "My agent pulled me into a meeting and told me I had to choose," she revealed to Cosmopolitan. "They said, 'You either have to quit your YouTube channel or I'm going to drop you. All this time you're spending making these videos, you should be spending that time interning. You should be spending that time auditioning. You should be spending that time on sets.'"

Although the decision wasn't an easy one, Pansino ultimately gave up her childhood dream to commit to her YouTube channel wholeheartedly. "I decided I'm going to do this," she recalls. "I'm not going to let YouTube go. My agent's going to drop me. And he did. That's when I totally invested 100 percent of my time and my life savings into my channel."

She inherited her love of baking from her grandmother

"I was originally introduced to baking as a child by my grandmother," Pansino told Business Insider. "I continued to bake for friends and family throughout the years for special occasions. I began to create themed treats after receiving continued requests from a lot of my friends." In an interview with New Media Rockstars, she added, "My grandmother loved baking and because of her, baking has always been a hobby of mine."

A single Nerdy Nummies video takes five days to complete

Pansino's viral baking tutorials usually range between six and ten minutes, but the amount of time it takes to actually shoot a clip is much, much longer. "Each video can vary greatly depending on what it is, but the average Nerdy Nummies episode takes over five days to create and produce," Pansino told Business Insider.

"The process includes developing ideas, gathering the ingredients, testing the recipes, filming, editing and posting the videos. After [more than] 120 episodes, the process hasn't changed much, but I am always looking for ways to be more efficient."

She keeps her business in the family

At the beginning, Pansino was doing everything on her own, from coming up with video concepts to shooting and editing the footage herself. Now, she has eight full-time employees and she's kept it all in the family. "My sister, mom, dad, and brother-in-law are all a part of the company," she told Huffington Post.

"I know some families would have a hard time working together but my family are all very close. I find it's a huge benefit and asset to have people you know you can trust." Pansino's dad has even appeared on an episode of Nerdy Nummies, helping his daughter bake Frozen ice cream treats.

She regularly works 100-hour weeks

It may seem easy, but there's a lot of prepping that goes into creating one of Pansino's scrumptious desserts. In fact, she's currently clocking in 100-hour weeks. "I spend 70 hours in the kitchen a week, just prep-baking and test-baking," she revealed while describing a typical day in the life. "I'm a host, a creator, a producer. I'm not hands-off with editing even though I have an editor. I check in with him all the time. I'm very hands-on in all aspects."

"From preparation, prep-baking and test-baking, that's like four days," she elaborated during a chat with Feast of Fiction. "And then the actual filming is only one day. I didn't know that. When I'd watch Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray, I didn't realize all the prep work that goes into it. It's actually a lot of work!"

She's a New York Times bestselling author

In 2015, Pansino released a cookbook, The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook: Sweet Treats for the Geek in All of Us, which debuted at No. 5 on The New York Times' Advice, How-To & Miscellaneous list.

"I wanted to create a really fun, colorful, easy-to-use cookbook that would spark creativity and encourage people to have fun with food," she said of its inspiration. "I have a hard time following some cookbooks that don't include enough how-to pictures, so I really focused on making The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook as accessible as possible." The book features a whopping 420 color photos — showcasing "sweet treats for the geek in all of us."

She has been featured in a Nintendo game

A quick glance at Pansino's channel reveals her deep love of video games. In fact, her debut video (which in 2017 has raked in over 7 million views) involved a DIY Super Mario cake. Nintendo decided to return the love in 2014 by featuring Pansino in one of its games.

The baking sensation was a guest visitor in the StreetPass Mii Plaza on Nintendo 3DS. "It is such an honor to be a gold pants character," she gushed to Nintendo News. "It has been really exciting to see everyone's pictures of finding my Mii on their StreetPass."

She's a real pro at managing money

"My dad really instilled good money management habits, and I've saved 10 percent of my paycheck, every paycheck, since I was 15," Pansino told Cosmopolitan. "Every penny I was able to save, that 10 percent savings, was about $20,000."

When it was finally time to launch her channel, she used that money to start a small production company and paid the utmost attention to every single penny she spent. "$20,000 isn't big, but for me, it was everything," she explained. "I had to be really careful about the best camera I could get on that budget, the best lighting I could get, the best computer."

She once tried to launch a music career

In 2015, Pansino took to her channel to premiere a music video for "Perfect Together", her first foray into the music industry. "I am so excited to share with you my very first music video and original song," she wrote in the vid's description. "I have done musical theater as far back as high school and have always wanted to make my own song."

The video includes scenes reminiscent of a Baroque dance party, lots of cake and cute lyrics like, "If you were Sunday brunch, I'd be eggs and bacon."

She earns $2.5 million per year

Pansino is one of the most popular YouTube stars out there — and, not surprisingly, she's also one of the site's biggest earners.

According to Forbes, she makes about $2.5 million per year. Yes, really. The majority of Pansino's income comes from YouTube ads aired before her tutorials, as well as from endorsements, such as the occasional book video sponsored by Audible. Her cookbook deal and various appearances also bring in additional earnings.

What's next for Rosanna?

2017 is shaping up to be another hugely successful year for Pansino. The powerhouse baker continues to clock in 100-hour weeks dreaming up, creating and launching all new video tutorials to her Nerdy Nummies channel. And every time she does so? She earns at least another million views!

So what can we expect from Pansino in the future, other than plenty of new delicious, pop culture-inspired desserts? If the first two months of 2017 are any indication, Pansino's YouTube page will be chock full of more and more cameos from fellow online stars, like Meredith Foster and iJustine. With buzzy anticipation, fans can't wait to jump into Pansino's next sugar rush!