Sandra Lee's Recent Post Has Fans Doing A Double Take

Celebrity chef Sandra Lee has stunned fans with her most recent post on Instagram, where she proudly posed in front of a mirror after losing over 20 pounds since lockdown. "Thinking this will be my birthday dress for tomorrow," Lee captioned the post, adding "Wanted to meet my goal weight before I turned 55 tomorrow but I'm pretty happy with where I am — I feel great!"

In December 2020, Lee shared that she "felt terrible" after gaining 30 pounds over lockdown. "I feel my very best at 140 pounds — I'm 5'9" that's a good weight for me," she wrote on Instagram. So, Lee decided to kickstart 2021 with a new regime and diet, leading to a loss of 17 pounds in two months. "Not easy but healthy eating combined with intermediate fasting and 10k/20k steps a day!!!" she wrote on May 10, accompanied with a stunning photo in an all-black tracksuit.

The celebrity chef has the best advice if you're not a fan of working out

Lee has also shared plenty of tips for those struggling with exercise (via Today), especially for beginners. In one post, she recommends that you watch something to pass the time while you're working out. For the celebrity chef, it's outtakes of a certain TV show. "The answer is watching outtakes and past seasons of Friends," Lee wrote, adding that she managed to do 20 minutes on the treadmill while keeping her heart rate at 170. "Thank god for Friends — they've got your back even when you're breaking a sweat!"

And even though she's seen the effects of working out, that doesn't mean she's a huge fan of it. "My life feels like boot camp in every way. The pounds come off so so slow but I love the way I feel after my heart rate is so heightened," she explained (via Eat This, Not That!). "Wish I could say I love to work out but I DON'T — I will stay the course but Ugh!" Can totally relate.