The One Pedicure Rule You Can Break

What's your favorite color of nail polish? According to Allure, the most popular colors of nail polish this year have included everything from jet black and pure white to cherry red and bright blue, showing just how varied our tastes are — your shade of choice might be somewhere in between, or maybe you like to change it up every day.

You can give more signals than you might think through the color of your nails — both on your fingers and toes — as your nail polish can actually say quite a lot about you. Some colors of polish suit certain nail shapes, but of course you're free to wear whatever you like and feel comfortable with! No matter what your preferences are, however, there's one rule that you might want to consider breaking. It concerns the color you paint your fingernails vs. your toes — and before you apply, make sure these ingredients aren't present in the polish either! 

You don't have to match your fingernails and toenails

Per Mamamia, there's no specific color that you should avoid using on your toes — rather, you should never match the color on your fingers to the color you use on your toes. Apparently, the rule for keeping the same color for both hands and feet is considered to be "tacky." If you've got two favorite colors of nail polish, why not mix and match? Use one color on your fingernails and the other on your toenails, even alternating day to day if you like.

"You can't have the same [color] nail polish on your fingernails and toes ... A girl's got to draw some lines ... I've been living by this rule for a long time," argued Holly Wainwright, host of the "Mamamia Out Loud" podcast. Not everybody will agree with her, of course, but it's something worth thinking about. What sort of color combinations could you come up with the next time you choose some polish to wear?