How To Adjust Your Skincare Routine For Summer

You might love the sunny summer weather, but that doesn't mean that your skin does. The issue is that while the summer brings with it lots of fantastic benefits, your skin may not cope as well in the warmer weather as you do. As per Harper's Bazaar, while you might picture yourself with tanned, glowing summer skin that has the effortless dewy look to it, the reality can be a little different — think skin that is overly sweaty and oily, has a red hue to it, and is sun damaged.

As Allure noted, the warmer weather comes with a range of new skin issues to manage and combat, which is why adjusting your skincare routine for summer is so important. Of course, it can be difficult to know how to give your skin the best nourishment and care during the summer months and how to effectively combat each challenge that the hot weather brings with it.

Omer Ibrahim, board-certified dermatologist, explained that, "A solid routine should be applicable to all seasons and climates. With that said, there are a couple of changes one might consider when transitioning from winter to summer." So here's everything you need to know about adjusting your summer skincare. 

Switch out your heavier creams for lightweight formulas this summer

As per Harper's Bazaar, according to dermatologist Stefanie Williams, "Just like you wouldn't wear winter clothes in summer, you might want to tweak your skincare products going into the summer season." Williams suggested that it is worth swapping out winter cream-based cleansers and heavier moisturizers for lighter weight products. Allure noted that when it comes to your moisturizer, that you opt for a dual-purpose product, with a lightweight SPF moisturizer being the ideal option.

Williams also suggested making SPF protection a priority, recommending SPF 30 to 50, as to avoid aging and skin damage. However, she also noted that SPF shouldn't be a summer only product, but should be used year round. What's another of Williams' suggestions? "Another absolutely mandatory ingredient for the summer is a high-grade antioxidant product (containing vitamin C or polyphenols)," she said. 

Allure also recommended using a vitamin C serum on the skin during the summer months. Board-certified dermatologist Omer Ibrahim explained that while vitamin C is crucial for skincare throughout the year, in the warmer summer months it is even more beneficial and can help prevent hyperpigmentation, boost collagen production, and mask fine lines.