Is Megan Thee Stallion Really Going To Be On The Cover Of This Famous Magazine?

Megan Thee Stallion is definitely our hot summer "it" girl for 2021. And we think it's likely she'll be the hot summer girl for a very famous magazine, too — the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. While reps aren't confirming details, here's all the reasons why we think Megan's a lock for this spot.

First of all, Megan Thee Stallion is literally the artist behind the hit single "Hot Girl Summer," which rose to No. 3 at its peak on the music charts (via Billboard). The Grammy winner announced in June of 2021 new work under her rapping moniker Tina Snow (via USA Today), as well as launching a scholarship and working on finishing her own degree. PLUS, Megan's said to be working on a new album (via Page Six). With so much going on, we're sure this talented performer will stay headline material for quite some time.

But that's not the only reason, this talented and gorgeous lady has the skills and the attitude that make her a perfect fit for an SI cover.

Megan Thee Stallion on what makes you beautiful

Megan has launched not one, but two swimwear lines with Fashion Nova (via Page Six). This second line features a whole bunch of teeny, tiny bikinis, which we think would look absolutely fabulous on a certain magazine cover. Says the artist on her partnership with Fashion Nova, "Tall women, curvy women, all women are beautiful," she told Vogue. "And no matter how cliché it is, it's really true — all the things that make you 'different' make you special. Never be ashamed about that, you gotta celebrate the things that make you you!" (via Vogue).

And this leads us to the final reason why we think we'll see her on this famous cover: she represents the kind of woman SI is trying to portray — authentic, interesting, and confidently beautiful. A swimsuit cover leaves a lot of room to show off, and this classic magazine has evolved to feature musical artists before (like Beyoncé), everyday heroes like COVID nurse Maggie Rawlins, and barrier-breaking transgender model Leyna Bloom. 

Sports Illustrated and Megan's reps as well, would neither confirm nor deny her collaboration with the magazine.