What Kind Of Jacket To Buy If You Really Want To Make A Statement

Fashion is not only fun, but also important. It helps you express yourself in a unique way, and your options are endless. Whether you like to make your own clothes, buy them, or buy them and alter them to make them uniquely you, they're a part of you — and the first thing people see when they look at you. You can stick with yearly trends or do your own thing. Just make sure you have fun with it.

2021 is going to be a year of fashion. With the coronavirus pandemic waning, people are going out more, which means they're investing in their look again after being inside for so long. All the cute ripped jeans, scarves, mesh, and, yes, jackets are invited for nonstop fun for the rest of the year. Jackets serve more purposes than just keeping you warm, after all. The right jacket can elevate your look to an entirely new level, and most jackets can be used in a ton of different looks, making them amazing investments that will keep you looking cute forever. But there are tons of different styles of jackets, so where do you start? And which ones make the best statements?

The most important aspect about the statement jacket is individuality

The power of jackets is that they can evoke any number of aesthetics and emotions. For instance, jackets stole the show at the 2021 presidential inauguration when Dr. Jill Biden and Michelle Obama arrived at the event in classy but stunning coats. According to Town & Country, the coats represented elegance and timelessness, and you can find them at shops such as J.CREW.

Your jacket options aren't limited to ones that make power moves. According to The Zoe Report, several other styles of jackets are in right now. These include jackets with furry cuffed sleeves, metallic puffer jackets, feathered jackets, plaid jackets, and floral jackets that say, "I'm here!" Current jacket trends are all over the place, but this is because the very idea of a jacket is rooted in expression. If you want florals, dress in florals. If you want a chic metallic look, do that. As long as the garment is fitted well, the actual pattern doesn't necessarily matter.

Outside of patterned jackets, some statement pieces include chic, oversized trench coats, quilted jackets, and belted leather jackets, per USA Today. Naturally, faux leather is best for that last option.

In any case, these jackets will keep you looking snazzy all year long — and don't forget to check online stores for jackets year round, as prices on jackets can dip during the warmer months. You might find an amazing deal that makes you look even more amazing.