Inside Cara Delevingne's Eclectic LA Home

Since leaving the fashion world, supermodel-turned-actress Cara Delevingne has become well known for her roles in DC Comics' "Suicide Squad," Amazon Prime's "Carnival Row," and more (via IMDb). But beyond her myriad of talents, it's safe to say that Delevingne is also known for her bold, offbeat personality — and as it turns out, the British star's home is definitely a reflection of her truly eccentric style!


Appearing on the latest cover story for Architectural Digest, Delevingne gave the magazine a video tour of her house in Los Angeles. She provides viewers with an exciting look into her bizarre, one-of-a-kind pad. According to AD, the house was originally a 1940s white-brick residence that the actress, with the help of architect Nicolo Bini of Line Architecture, transformed into an eclectic, fun-filled home full of unique features and colorful treasures.

"This place is one of my favorite places to be," Delevingne told the outlet. "It's kind of like an adult playhouse, I like to call it."

Here are some highlights of the star's unique (and truly wild!) home in LA.

A mix of eclectic styles makes Cara's house a fantastical wonderland

Stepping into Cara Delevingne's home, the first thing visitors might notice is the truly colorful mix of different styles and themes. In fact, AD describes the house as "Saint-Tropez meets Coney Island meets Cotswolds cottage meets Monte Carlo meets butch leather bar."


"My work requires me to put on many different hats and costumes," Delevingne explained in the video tour. "I love slipping into these various characters, so I wanted my home to reflect lots of different themes and moods."

Indeed, the actress's house seems like a whimsical, trippy wonderland full of unique treasures at every turn — including decorative artwork, a disco ball placed inside a chandelier, velvet furniture, and walls covered in bird-patterned Gucci wallpaper. And according to Delevingne herself, the house is akin to a journey in which "the deeper in you go, the more treasures you discover."

"The theme of this house, it's not 'Alice in Wonderland.' Every room has a different theme," she explained. "But I feel like the theme of this is definitely like a Mad Hatter's tea party. But there's jungle theme, there's Beverly Hills hotel, there's an old English style in here, but also, obviously, very typically LA, and plants galore."


Cara's "adult playhouse" includes a ball pit, a costume room, and a secret tunnel

Cara Delevingne's house may have many different themes, but there's one major one that runs throughout: fun-and-games, which definitely makes the home equivalent to an "adult playhouse" (as the actress herself likes to describe it!). In fact, the house — which Delevingne says was inspired by Hugh Hefner and "feels like [her] Playboy mansion" — features a tented poker room, a party bunker with a stripper pole, a costume room for dress-up parties, and even an indoor ball pit.


"I love games — charades, beer pong, poker, Cards Against Humanity, tug-of-war, whatever feels fun. When my friends come over, the house turns into an obstacle course. It's like an indoor/outdoor playground by way of 'Alice in Wonderland,'" Delevingne told Architectural Digest. "If I'm having a bad day, I just hop in the ball pit. You can't really cry in a ball pit."

And if you think that's a unique feature of the house? Just wait until you hear about the truly unusual part. Believe it or not, Delevingne also has a secret "vagina tunnel" in her home, which starts from behind a hidden glass panel in the living room and leads into an adjacent bunk room, where you crawl out of a washing machine door. 


"I come in here to think, I come in here to create," the actress said. "I feel inspired in the vagina tunnel."

The home also has a lush, jungle-inspired nature theme complete with a "garden sanctuary"

Along with the fun-and-games energy, Cara Delevingne's home also features a nature theme that's noticeably reflected in the jungle-inspired decor. There is, of course, the unique Gucci wallpaper featuring massive herons — but beyond that, there's also tons of houseplants in every room, bird sculptures, and a staircase carpet with a print of "climbing" leopards, according to Architectural Digest.


Additionally, the home also has lush outdoor spaces — including Delevingne's own "little garden sanctuary" next to her bedroom, complete with lemon and orange trees, where the actress goes to read her scripts. The backyard also features lots of greenery — something that the star definitely wanted for the space, as she explained to the outlet.

"This outdoor area was mostly stone, so there was no grass, which, for someone that loves green and nature, I really wanted as much grass as possible," she expressed.

And of course, you can't forget about the fun and games, either! Along with an outdoor bar and a seating area with Jenga, the backyard also has two trampolines and a huge pool stocked full of fun, colorful floaties. "The meaning I have for this house is just never grow up," Delevingne said. "You know, always kind of maintain some sort of childlike innocence or joy or just the need for fun."


Well, the star's fun-filled, fantastical home definitely reflects that — and we definitely wish we could score an invite to her next house party.