The Truth About 90DF: Caribbean Love's Aryanna & Sherlon

Fans of "90 Day Fiancé" rejoice: yet another spin-off of the mega-popular relationship series is about the take off. "Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story" follows the love stories of four couples who met on islands in a variety of tropical countries including Costa Rica, Barbados, Panama, and Jamaica. 

The couple who will make up the cast of Season 1 include Amber and Daniel, Mark and Key, and Aryanna and Sherlon. Of those three, Aryanna and Sherlon are already getting a lot of attention for one big reason: at the time of filming, Aryanna was six months pregnant with their child.

As the story goes, the two met while Aryanna was on vacation in Jamaica. In the trailer for Season 1 of the spin-off, she explains it all. "I met my boyfriend on vacation in Jamaica," Aryanna explained, "he works at a swingers resort on the beach." Sherlon then adds, "Crazy stuff goes on there. The flesh is a weakness," (via Yahoo! Entertainment).

Everything we know about Aryanna and Sherlon

It seems that flesh was indeed the weakness for Aryanna and Sherlon, because she arrived back home with a major surprise. In the clip, Aryanna reveals the news. "We didn't use protection when we had sex in Jamaica," she shares. "A month after I got back I found out I was pregnant."

It turns out her family isn't exactly thrilled about the news. One member of her family is heard asking Sherlon, "Is this your first child or do you have some more kids with some more tourists?" (via Yahoo! Entertainment).

It also appears that the two are already struggling with impending parenthood. In one moment, a tearful Aryanna explains, "I can't raise a baby by myself. A decision made in the heat of the moment in paradise will impact the rest of my life" while Sherlon asserts, "We both made a big mistake, I'm not going to be forced to get married."

A glance at Aryanna's Instagram account reveals little, only the soon-to-be reality star's "100lb weight loss," but no update on Sherlon or baby. 

Viewers will have to tune to find out if she and Sherlon make it. The series will premiere on discovery+ on July 18, 2021.