Here's What You Should Know About Netflix's Sexy Beasts

The latest reality dating show offering from Netflix is perhaps a bit stranger than you might have expected. On July 21, the streaming service will be debuting "Sexy Beasts," a dating show in which participants sport elaborate special effects makeup and prosthetics while going on a series of blind dates. 

Essentially, by disguising each participant with a face full of makeup, "Sexy Beasts" is challenging the participants to look beyond appearances when it comes to their prospective romantic partners, per Newsweek. Some of the most memorable disguises include a dolphin, an alien with a protruding brain, and an ox with a septum piercing.

"Sexy Beasts" is just another effort by Netflix to produce more of the unscripted programming that its audience seems to adore. Last year, the reality dating show "Love is Blind," in which contestants do not actually see what their romantic interests look like until after they're engaged, proved to be a huge hit for Netflix, per CNN Business

More than a year later, Netflix is hoping to capture the attention of this same audience with "Sexy Beasts." "Simply put, we know unscripted programming is hugely popular on linear TV, and has been that way for a long time," Brandon Riegg, Netflix's vice president of nonfiction series and comedy specials, told CNN Business. "I think in our efforts to provide that sort of proper breadth and depth of options to the members, it makes sense to have unscripted programming be a part of that."

Sexy Beasts was originally a British dating show

According to Newsweek, each episode of "Sexy Beasts" will follow the same format. One person will choose between three potential love matches and take them on dates while dressed up in special effects makeup and prosthetics. At the end of each episode, the picker will choose between the three potential love matches and the identity of the person they pick (along with the identity of the picker and two matches who were not chosen) will be revealed. The show is narrated by comedian Rob Delaney and the beastly makeovers are performed by Kristyan Mallet and KM Effects. Mallet previously worked on shows and films like "Black Mirror" and the "Harry Potter" franchise.

"Sexy Beasts" was originally a British dating show on the BBC that premiered back in 2014, according to Newsweek. Mallet worked on both versions of "Sexy Beasts" and believes that audiences will fall in love with the show's plethora of hilarious moments. "It's so ridiculous you can't take your eyes off of it," Mallet told Newsweek. "It's like 'I can't believe they've made a show like this.' I remember when we made it years ago it was silly but you couldn't stop watching it, it was just fun. That's basically what this is about, it's just fun."

Those who can't get enough of the show upon its debut on July 21 are in for a treat since, according to Newsweek, six more episodes of "Sexy Beasts" are set to be released on Netflix at some point later this year.