Here's The Huge Sin You Are Committing When Making Waffles

Cooking sins are easy to commit, but they can be even easier to solve. If you've ever had problems making gravy, homemade pizza, or guacamole, then you probably know that there are one or two things you could easily fix to make your end products much better the next you make them. The same can be said for drinks like cold brew.

What you may not realize is that these kitchen sins can occur at breakfast time, too. You may not think of breakfast as a time of heavy cooking — perhaps you opt for a smoothie or some other on-the-go option — but common breakfast dishes such as French toast can often fall into, well, pitfalls if you don't know the best tips to make them. This extends to making waffles, which can end with tragic results if you don't know the best ways to make them.

Waffles don't require much. Even a basic, cheap waffle iron will suffice when making waffles, so don't worry too much about the iron itself (via Love Food). Do, though, remember to grease your waffle iron. Failing to do so means your waffle will likely stick to the iron and you'll never get it out. Investing in one is also nice because, as Love Food noted, you can use them for other foods, including brownies, bacon, and even quesadillas.

The secret to perfect waffles has been in your pantry all along

When cooking waffles, you can run into a few different problems. For example, while not technically a cooking mistake, you're holding yourself back if you exclusively make sweet waffles (via Bon Appétit). Waffles can be a canvas for flavor, and you can make such variants as pizza waffles or waffles filled with ham and cheese, the latter of which Bon Appétit recommended.

When actually cooking waffles, though, you need to trust yourself and your sensors over your waffle iron. The iron may have a timer on it, but if you're smelling the waffle far before the timer goes off, you'll want to check it so that it doesn't burn. Trust yourself to know when it's done, and, really, this advice stems to all cooking.

The two biggest sins you can make when cooking waffles, though, lie in the ingredients. According to Bon Appétit, you need to use the right flour, and you need to lighten your waffle batter in some way. The outlet explained that standard, everyday all-purpose flour is the best route to take — and everyone has this in their pantry, right? Anything with too much protein in it will counteract the light, fluffy texture you want in your waffle. This texture is also why you should lighten your batter, either with unsweetened, whipped heavy cream or with beaten egg whites. These will make your waffles cloud-like and oh so scrumptious.

Ultimately, these are just a few things that you should consider when making waffles, but you ultimately know your taste, your waffle iron, and your kitchen best, so go forth (add this secret ingredient) and make the waffles of your dreams.