The Essential Items That Every Woman Should Carry In Her Purse

One of the greatest things about being a woman is the ability to carry a pocketbook or a purse. While men oftentimes shove everything in their pockets, women always carry some form of bag around that makes life just that much easier. Whether we're going to work, out on the town with friends, or on a date night with our significant other, having our bag solves so many problems. 


Most people think they need to simply leave home with their keys, wallet, ID, and phone. But there are so many other things you will need along the way throughout the day. 

While many women carry a purse, not all women keep them stocked with the essential items they should always have. We've all been in the situation where we're out and need a tampon, or even wish we had a mint or a stick of gum with us. Instead, you can make sure your purse is always loaded with the essential products you should most definitely have no matter what the occasion.

Don't leave home without this item, especially now

One thing you always want to keep in your purse is hand sanitizer. In today's world especially, you want to ensure you can keep yourself healthy and well. When you checkout at a store, pump gas in your car, or even hop onto the train, you want the ability to clean up your hands free of germs. Another thing you definitely need is a small pack of tissues, Business Insider suggests. You never know when you'll be out in public and need to sneeze or blow your nose. Having tissues solves the problem of having to sneeze into your sleeve and ruin a blouse.


Next, you want to always have feminine hygiene products. Whether it's a tampon or a pad, if your time of the month is coming up, make sure you're always prepared in case of an emergency. 

Another must-have is definitely a portable charging pack. In today's day and age, everything we do is through our phone. If you're spending an entire day and night out, you don't want to end up your phone dying. Portable batteries and chargers are so small, too, they'll fit right in, recommends BuzzFeed.

Keeping a hair elastic or hair clip is crucial for women with longer hair, too, just in case you're hot and want to put it up. Speaking of hot, carrying a water bottle in your purse, even an empty refillable one, is so important. No one wants to dehydrate! 


Even more items that are must-haves

Some women forget that carrying around medicine is a great idea. Whether you're a mom or not, having medicine on hand is key to surviving those long days. Getting hit with a headache mid-afternoon can be brutal, but having Advil or Tylenol on hand can help, per Survival Mom. You'll also want to keep mints or gum handy. Going to grab that salad for lunch may have been delicious, but you don't want garlic breath from your dressing all day long. 


Headphones are another must-have for your purse, notes BuzzFeed. If you're going to be walking or talking public transportation, you'll want to have the ability to listen to your favorite playlist or even a podcast. Plus, if you're talking on the phone in public, being able to use headphones saves you from actually having to hold your device to your ear.

And, while not everyone thinks about it, investing in a Swiss Army Knife is super useful. It is the multifunction tool that has practically everything you will need. And it can really get you out of a ton of sticky situations!