What Is A Shacket And Why Are They The Perfect Fashion Item?

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A new wardrobe essential has made its way into our hearts — the shacket. The term "shacket" has been floating around a lot lately, but no need to overthink it — it is just what it sounds like: a cross between a shirt and a jacket. They're essentially just a button-down that's a little bit longer and thicker than an average shirt, with long sleeves, warm lining, and pockets on the outside. Shackets are super easy to layer with and can be tossed over any outfit (yes, any!) for an elevated look. It's, dare we say, the perfect fashion item. 

Shackets are known to have an oversized look and fit, and according to Thread, they originated from military-style jackets. They've since evolved into a hybrid fashion item that can be worn during all four seasons, with various fabric blends such as leather, wool, and denim, and chic patterns like plaid or checked (even neutral solids and bold neon). Not only are shackets chic, but they're also one of those fashion items that you can have multiple of. And with their growing popularity, it's becoming a trend to have a few shacket options in your closet.

Ways to wear a shacket

Because of their versatility, you've got a plethora of styling options when it comes to shackets. We've seen some great looks on our favorite celebs and influencers like Rihanna, Bella Hadid, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (via The Zoe Report), who style them with jeans for a casual look. But they can also be styled with a dress and a pair of heels, a fitted tee and a pair of joggers, or with a turtleneck and slacks. The options are endless!

You've also got a pretty wide price range when shopping for shackets as well. Affordable staples like H&M and ASOS have tons of stylish options ranging from $35 to $70, while upscale options like Mango and Blue Revival start at about $130.

Whichever way you choose to rock this outwear, it's a guaranteed win. Shackets are cute, but also a practical and functional item to have in your wardrobe.