The Truth About Married At First Sight's Rachel & José

When "Married at First Sight" debuts its new season July 21, 2021 on Lifetime, the show's panel of experts will match singles in Houston, Texas to create new couples who will meet for the first time at the altar. One of those newlywed couples will be Rachel and José, who three out of four panelists voted against surviving past the finale during the couple's reveal on the "Married at First Sight Kickoff Special." José, 35, was given the nickname "Mr. Perfectionist" while Rachel, 33, was noted as "The Blossoming Bride" on the pre-series special (per Monsters & Critics).  

According to People, Rachel had a happy childhood, but did experience her parents' divorce. Like many of us, she's been insecure in her past relationships. José, who grew up in a middle class family, has been frustrated by his past relationships because no one he dated wanted to settle down. On the kick-off special, both Rachel and José revealed they were eager to get married and start a family. When it came to things they had in common, they both love sports. José showed off a display case of sports memorabilia, and Rachel said she loved professional baseball so much she has been traveling to various stadiums and collecting souvenirs from her visits. Aside from a shared pride in their Latino heritage, the couple also revealed some red flags that made the special's commentators cautious about them having a happily-ever-after.

José seems to want a perfect wife while Rachel is looking for a partner

During the "Married at First Sight Kickoff Special," José gave viewers a sneak peak of his lifestyle and expectations, which included scenes of him reading a Bible and going into a church. When sharing what he hoped to find in a wife, he gave a long list that included a well-rounded, attractive, classy woman with good sound morals. He added he's over the party scene and has a Sunday routine to which he's accustomed. He also has a set budget on display in his home. 

On the other hand, Rachel said she mainly wants a partner who won't be afraid to share chores and who enjoys going out and having fun. She shared that she's recently lost weight and wants a husband who will be faithful since she has been cheated on in the past. With a successful career, she also shared that while she might have changed to please her past partners, she wants a husband who wants to be her equal instead of someone who's domineering.

While it's clear Rachel and José have some challenges to overcome, viewers can tune in when Season 13 of "Married At First Sight" debuts July 21 on Lifetime to see if they're still together.