For Detangling Hair, This Brush Stands Above The Rest

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Tangles are common, as our hair sheds, rubs against different surfaces, and gets damaged by heat, the sun, bleach, styling, and tools, as stated by Healthline. The good news, though, is that there are products specifically designed to help detangle, such as this awesome brush from Amazon.

This wet brush is called the Disney Original Detangler Brush, and it is one of Amazon's Choices, with over 21,600 reviews and with 91% of them being five-star ratings (as of publication). It can be used on all hair types, as its IntelliFlex bristles lead to 45% less breakage and 55% less effort when brushing. Sitting at the 15th spot on Amazon's ranking of best-selling hair brushes, this brush is great for those with tender heads and those who are prone to rat's nests.

This product is perfect for detangling hair and for channeling your inner Disney

There are a variety of wet brushes and detangling solutions out there, but the product description and customer reviews of Amazon's Disney Original Detangler Brush speak for themselves. Plus, there is something quite special about this item.

The brush in question is part of an exclusive and limited-edition collection that features Disney characters! Instead of having hair tools in boring, plain colors, you can opt for designs that show off Ariel, Belle, Raya, Snow White, Olaf, Tiana, and other classic and popular stars from this magical brand.

If it is too hard to decide on one Disney character design, you don't have to feel bad about buying more than one, as this brush is under $10. So, in addition, feel free to also get one for your sibling, best friend, roommate, and co-worker, because there is plenty of Disney magic to go around.

Purchase the Disney Original Detangler Brush on Amazon for $9.02.