How To Properly Maintain Your Brows At Home

Whether you don't feel comfortable heading to the salon just yet or you simply want to cut costs, learning how to maintain your brows properly at home can make staying on top of facial grooming simpler and easier (and you will be able to avoid costly mistakes). As per Self, when it comes to maintaining beautiful brows at home, the answer is having "a whole lot of restraint," unless of course you want to recreate that "over-tweezed" look from the 1990s. But if you want Lily Collins' eyebrows, read on. 

Byrdie explained that one of the worst things you can do when it comes to DIY brows is trying to wax them yourself. Instead, it's best to focus on subtly maintaining the shape and caring for the skin and follicles.

According to Elle, picture-perfect DIY brows are achievable, it's simply a case of getting the approach right. The idea of maintaining your brows yourself can be daunting, but with the right approach and no wax in sight, you can give your eyebrows all the TLC they need to stay looking their best. 

Start by determining your natural brow shape and avoid at-home waxing

The place to start when maintaining your eyebrows at home is determining your natural eyebrow shape. Nicky Cayot, an esthetician and brow artist, told Self that, "I would start by lining up your points using the bottom half of a makeup brush or pencil". She then explained that this point is where the eyebrow arch should begin. The next step, according to Cayot, is to use the point on your nose where a piercing would sit to position a makeup brush diagonally across the center of your eye — this indicates where the arch of your brow should have its highest point. Keeping the brush at the same position on your nose, the next step is to move the other end towards the outer corner of your eye — this will highlight where your eyebrow should finish.

As per Byrdie, brow specialist Josh Beeler said that while removing the odd hair is fine, it's best to avoid a brow reshape on your own. He explained that, "In terms of DIY, at-home brow treatments, I would never recommend waxing by yourself — just don't do it." If you are going to tweeze, make sure to use slant-tipped tweezers, get as close to the root of the hair when removing it, and always tweeze in the direction that the hair grows. If you feel unsure about using tweezers, you could try brow scissors instead to neaten up your eyebrows.

Use the right products, tools, and methods when shaping your brows at home

As per Byrdie, lash and brow expert Jas Imani explained that her best tip for beautiful brows isn't about hair removal, it's about the best product to use. Imani advised that you should, "Use a brow wax such as Soap Brows and a dry spoolie. I recommend everyone use this to style their brows and help hold off on over tweezing or trimming. A brow wax can give a more styled look to a messy brow and has a great hold without leaving a residue." Another essential brow maintenance tip is to regularly moisturize your eyebrows to prevent skin dryness and flakiness.

According to Elle, when it comes to ensuring that your brows remain on fleek, you need to fill them. To keep your brows looking natural, don't over fill your brows. Celebrity brow expert Sania Vucetaj explained that you should, "Trace the top of the brow and trace the bottom. If you want a little more prominent arch, just add a little more color and brush it through. Lightly fill in the middle. That's how you keep it from looking like a tattoo." And there you have it!