Are Tyler & Kariselle From Sexy Beasts Still Together?

The popularity of reality TV dating shows is showing no signs of slowing down, and the likes of "Love Island" and "Too Hot to Handle" continue to captivate audiences globally. Netflix's latest offering in the genre, "Sexy Beasts," looks set to stand out among the crowd. The reality-dating show with a twist aims to discover if it's possible to find true love based on personality alone, and follows participants on the hunt for love as they attend a series of dates dressed in bizarre animal and other-worldly disguises (via Radio Times). 


During the show's first season, viewers were introduced to Tyler and Kariselle, who appeared to hit it off in episode three. But, what is the status of their relationship today?

Per The Cinemaholic, pageant girl and professional party motivator, Kariselle, appeared on the Netflix series dressed as a panda bear. She revealed that her ideal man would need to have a sense of humor and be ready to walk down the aisle. Aspiring model Tyler, who showed up to the date in an alien disguise, hit it off with Kariselle right away and the pair went on to eventually meet in the flesh for a follow-up date. 

Are Tyler and Kariselle still involved after appearing on the show?

According to Decider, Kariselle and Tyler currently follow each other on Instagram. Although, the pair's social media activity doesn't give any indication as to where their relationship stands today. Kariselle's Instagram primarily consists of solo shots, as does Tyler's account. Both "Sexy Beasts" stars seem to be using social media to focus primarily on their professional lives, promotional work, and the occasional vacation selfie 


However, as The Cinemaholic reported, the "Sexy Beasts" stars do continue to interact with one another on social media, with the occasional heart-eye, panda, and side-eye emojis. And, commenting on one of Tyler's Instagram posts uploaded in London back in November 2020, Kariselle wrote, "What happens in London" alongside three upside smiley-face emojis. 

This is hardly solid evidence that the pair are still together. However, it could indicate that Kariselle and Tyler are still romantically involved in some capacity. But, for now, at least, we'll just have to wait and see what unfolds between them.