The Body Lotion Gemma Chan Can't Live Without

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American audiences were introduced to Gemma Chan as part of the glamorous cast of Jon M. Chu's well-received romantic-comedy, "Crazy Rich Asians." But for audiences on the other side of the pond, the London native was well-established on television as the star of such high-profile shows as "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" and "Humans." Chan's involvement in Marvel's "Eternals," meanwhile, looks set to send her career stratospheric (via IMDb). Regardless of how you got to know her, there's no denying Chan is stunning. 

Speaking on her lucrative and well-earned partnership with iconic beauty brand L'Oréal with Vogue, the British actress noted the brand's famous tagline, "Because I'm worth it." Chan shared that it still resonates with her and millions of other women worldwide "because it's an expression of self-worth. It's permission to take care of yourself, and that's so important at the moment." When it comes time for Chan to take care of herself, in particular, she has one body lotion that's always kept within arm's reach. 

Gemma Chan opts for this budget-friendly classic

Even though Gemma Chan is worth a considerable amount, when it comes to moisturizing her gorgeous face and body, she sticks to the basics and doesn't deviate. As the "Crazy Rich Asians" star revealed in an interview with People, she opts for Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant body lotion every time, noting, "My skin gets quite dry. I've tried loads of body moisturizers, and I always come back to this one. It's my favorite." You can pick up a bottle for just $6.89 from Target. The former model takes skincare very seriously, confirming to Vogue UK she considers it an imperative part of her self care routine. 

As Chan explained, "A beauty routine is the period of the day — even when you have so little control over what's going on in the world — that is time just for yourself. It's calming and meditative." The actress advised, even when she's got nowhere to go, taking the time to apply makeup really helps lift her mood. The "Humans" breakout argued taking care of ourselves, and looking good, "is more about how it makes you feel than trying to hide anything, or doing it for other people." As for her biggest beauty tip, Chan keeps it simple, noting her mother taught her to always take your makeup off before bed.