Did Sarah Ferguson Just Subtly Show Her Support For Meghan And Harry?

Somehow, it's already been four months since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took part in the explosive and now-infamous interview with Oprah, which aired internationally to stunned audiences everywhere (via Express). In it, Meghan admitted to experiencing serious, life-threatening mental health challenges in her early days of marriage due in part to the treatment she experienced at the hands of both the royal family and the British media. She also insinuated that members of the royal family were concerned that the children she would bear Harry might not appear fully caucasian due to Meghan's own mixed race heritage, effectively calling the royal family racist. 

The backlash was swift and severe. After the interview aired, forty-eight percent of UK citizens expressed a negative view of Harry, which was a 15 percent drop, and 58 percent of respondents had negative opinion of Meghan, which was a 13 percent drop in approval ratings. 

But now, a famous member of the royal family seems to have given her support to the couple quite publicly, if subtly. 

Fergie expresses support for Oprah and the royal couple

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and former wife of Prince Andrew, recently said publicly while discussing Harry and Meghan's bombshell interview that she herself is "a great supporter of Oprah Winfrey" (via The Daily Mail). Back in the mid-nineties, "Fergie" also went through a very difficult and public scandal when she and Prince Andrew separated, and she says that at the time, Oprah "helped her greatly" at the time when the Duchess visited the U.S. 

And while many of high standing the U.K. have been happy to share concerned or even angry opinions of Harry and Meghan's actions over the past couple of years, Fergie said that she "wouldn't presume to give advice to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex except to say to be happy." And if one is to believe the reasons the royal couple gave for leaving the U.K. and shirking their duties as members of the royal family, being happy is exactly what they are striving for, both for themselves and their children.