Who Is FBoy Island's Collin Carter?

New to HBO Max is the eagerly-awaited reality show "FBoy Island." Airing for the first time on Thursday, it features three female contestants who have to guess whether the men on the island are "FBoys," who are there for the money, or "Nice Guys," who want to find love. If they're successful, there's a prize of $100,000 up for grabs, but will they do it? Get it wrong, and they risk sending home guys are really are in it for love.

Half of the 24 men are self-professed "FBoys", with the other twelve being "Nice Guys", and we'll meet them all properly on Thursday night, alongside the three female contestants and our host, comedian Nikki Glaser. For the time being, however, we can still get to know them a little (via People). Here's one of the guys: Collin Carter. A photographer and barber, he's 26 years old, but is he an "FBoy" or a "Nice Guy"? Only time will tell...

He's a freelance photographer

So, Collin Carter. Just what do we know about him? According to People, he's from Toledo, OH, and works as a photographer and a barber. When he's not working (or relaxing on an island) he enjoys working out, partying and spending time with his friends, and his interests include photography, traveling and buying new clothes.

On Instagram, Carter has a little over 4,000 followers, while on his website, he describes himself as being "drawn to uplifting others as much as possible", and is currently freelancing for various magazines. On TikTok, he lists one of his interests as acting, too — could we see him move to the big screen one day?

We don't know a whole lot more about the "FBoy Island" star so far, but don't worry — we should be able to get to know him — and his castmates, including Charley Santos — a lot better in the coming weeks, as the show gets started on HBO Max.