If You're A Taurus, This Is The Type Of Person You Shouldn't Marry

If you're making a list of traits you're looking for in a partner so you have ultimate compatibility, maybe it's best to narrow down the list and rule out traits you're absolutely not compatible with. Often, your astrological sign can play a part in the type of personality you have. If you're a Taurus, there are certain astrological signs to stay away from if you want a long and happy marriage.

Those born under the astrological sign of Taurus — for celebrity reference, think Lizzo and Queen Elizabeth — have birthdays ranging anywhere from April 21 to May 21 and can often be seen as laid back, but Cosmopolitan claimed that the stereotype is just a facade. In fact, our Taurus friends are both intellectual and analytical. Whether it's about work, their personal life, or the state of the world, a Taurus takes all matters seriously and needs someone who can both complement and understand them. In fact, Cosmopolitan explained that Taurus is the most misunderstood sign on the zodiac, so compatibility is clear. 

This is what a Taurus needs in a marriage partner

A Taurus — known for their commitment, dedication, and rationality — typically does well with a person who will be loyal and provide stability in life, which seems to work with their analytical nature. A Taurus does not do well with someone who has their own independent streak and moves fast without thinking things through, according to Bustle. They like to take their time when making decisions — one of their dominate characteristics — so choosing an impulsive mate may not end well.

That means a Taurus would not do well with a Gemini, someone who tends to fly by the seat of their pants. A conversation between a Taurus and a Gemini can turn touchy as a Gemini will change topics quickly and a Taurus will want to stay focused. Geminis also tend to be a bit flirtatious and a Taurus, an earth sign represented by the bull, tends to be a bit possessive. You can see why this match would not mix well.

A Taurus should stay clear of these air and fire signs

A Taurus and a Sagittarius may seem like a perfect example of "opposites attract," but they would not work well together in a marriage. A Taurus would rather have a quiet night at home while a Sagittarius may want to go out and party, which can be the cause of many evening arguments. A Taurus might need someone to pull them out of their comfort zone every once and a while, but stability is key with this sign. 

"Even though there's passion between the sheets, the earthy element of Taurus can dampen the fire between the two and life will be a struggle outside of the bedroom," astrologer Arriana Fox told Bustle about a Taurus/Sagittarius pairing.

While a Taurus and an Aquarius may seem alike, considering they both prefer to take romance nice and slow, they should not marry one another. The independent nature of an Aquarius won't be able to give the Taurus the security their analytical mind needs. Plus, an Aquarius may not even want the same kind of commitment a Taurus is looking for, as they prefer not to label relationships, according to Bustle. So you heard it here, Taurus — there are clearly some signs you should romantically avoid, no matter how cute they are.