Who Is FBoy Island's Ryan 'Rhino' Garland?

If you've blown through every episode of "Too Hot To Handle," "Bachelor in Paradise," "Are You The One?" and all of the other reality dating shows currently streaming and are looking for your next binge-worthy series, then do we have some good news for you! "FBoy Island," which premieres on HBO Max on July 29, follows three women who move to a tropical island looking for love with 12 self-proclaimed "nice guys" and 12 self-proclaimed "FBoys" who are competing for "cold, hard cash," and will definitely be your next reality obsession.

"This is an incredibly entertaining dating show full of twists and turns that will leave the audience constantly guessing," said Jennifer O'Connell, Executive Vice President, Non-Fiction and Live-Action Family, HBO Max (via WarnerMedia). The show, which is hosted by comedian Nikki Glaser, is already generating a ton of buzz on social media — both good and bad — with one Twitter user writing, "I never really watch dating shows but I just saw there's a new one called FBOY island and [I'm] here for it," while another said, "Does anyone wanna watch FBOY ISLAND with me for the memes, this show is going to be gold."

However, not everyone seems to be sold on the new reality series yet, as one Twitter user put it: "I'm so over all these hetero dating shows... y'all have your pick of 95% of the population. The drama is so uninteresting when you can just use a dating app and find compatible people that way."

Here's what to know about 'Fboy Island' star Ryan 'Rhino' Garland

While it's unclear whether 27-year-old Ryan "Rhino" Garland will turn out to be one of the "nice guys" or one of the "FBoys," one scroll through his Instagram profile will show you that he is an outdoor enthusiast, as he's always posting pictures of hiking the beautiful canyons of Tempe, Arizona, where he currently resides. It also looks like he's a cat dude through and through, which means he likely has a soft side when it comes to any furry, four-legged creature.

Per People, Garland "loves to take road trips to cool hiking spots to watch sunsets and stargaze, try cool new restaurants he finds online and search for limited edition snacks," which makes him sound like he's incredibly down-to-earth. According to an "About Me" type post on his Instagram, Garland is "an aspiring author, studying creative writing at Arizona State University," and has also been in the Army since high school.

The "FBoy Island" star also revealed that he's looking for someone who he can "cook new recipes for and go on road trips with," and he loves a girl who "plays video games, likes superheroes, and watches Harry Potter."