Why You Should Always Wet Your Beauty Blender Before Using

When this tear-shaped sponge emerged on the scene in 2007, who knew it would become a makeup game changer? The Beauty Blender, used for everything face-fixing related from covering, contouring, blending, and highlighting, has changed the way we apply makeup. The award winning, foam sponge comes in different sizes and can be used many times over, making it a beauty must have (via Racked).

Unfortunately, while you may cherish your little blending buddy, you may be using it wrong. According to Allure, these makeup sponges are meant to be wet prior to using. Aline Elasmar, global makeup artist for the Beauty Blender brand, told Byrdie that it's the only way, stating, "Your Beautyblender should always be used wet. You know Beauty Blender is in perfect condition for use when it has expanded to twice its original size." Once soaked, you have to then squeeze the excess water from the sponge, leaving it damp.

A wet beauty blender works better and lasts longer

The Beauty Blender brand took to Instagram and explained why using a dampened sponge is essential. By wetting the sponge, it minimizes how much product is absorbed, which will reduce your makeup use and allow your blender to last longer. As a matter of fact, Beauty Blender said that when used properly, the inside of the sponge should be almost flawless, stating in their post, "Take an old blender and cut it open: the outside will be covered in foundation and the inside still pink & perfect."

A wet beauty sponge will not only save you money by reducing the amount of product you're using, but because the product is stopped from seeping into the middle of the sponge, you're likely to avoid mold and bacteria growth (via Allure). While the proper use of and care for your blending sponge will keep it in great shape, the experts at Byrdie recommended replacing it every three months.