If You're A Gemini, This Is The Kind Of Person You Shouldn't Marry

As far as astrological signs go, Geminis boast some truly unique qualities. Born between May 20 and June 21, these air signs tend to have a charismatic nature with a tendency to utilize their sense of humor to find comfort in social situations (via Co-Star Astrology). Famous Geminis include iconic existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre, ethereal songstress Stevie Nicks, and unpredictable rapper Kanye West. Given that Geminis are said to be great communicators, this company should come as no surprise to fellow Geminis. 

Geminis tend to fear being alone, so they will often find themselves with a partner and a large social circle. If you're a Gemini seeking partnership, there are certain red flags to look out for when choosing a companion to share your life with.

In the world of astrology, some matches are said to be better than others. According to Compatible Astrology, it would be wise for a Gemini to avoid relationships with Pisces and Virgos. While these sun signs aren't the only thing to factor in when looking at compatibility, Virgos and Pisces tend to possess qualities that simply won't mesh well with the qualities of a Gemini.

Geminis and Pisces should think twice before getting together

A Gemini and a Pisces can be a problematic pairing, per InStyle. According to Compatible Astrology, Geminis have a light and fun energy in relationships that may cause friction with a Pisces' emotional and needy nature. While the article notes that over time this pairing may overcome these differences in order to cultivate a stronger bond, it also notes that a Geminis' use of humor may present problems in the relationship, especially when a Pisces is looking to discuss more serious matters. Pisces or otherwise, a Gemini will require a connection with someone who has an appreciation for their sense of humor.

Another problem presented in a Gemini/Pisces pairing is that the high energy of a Gemini may result in a Pisces requiring a little extra downtime. If you're not one for taking a day or two to be a homebody, you might find this connection unfulfilling. Since Geminis tend to begin relationships with the intention of having fun, according to Co-Star Astrology, you'll want to be sure you're starting a relationship with someone that you can have a good time with.

Geminis and Virgos are a no-go

If you're looking to avoid problematic pairings as a Gemini, you'll want to steer clear of Virgos as well, according to InStyle. This pairing tends to have similar modes of communication, which can be a positive thing in a relationship, but varying temperaments and personality types may give way to bigger issues. 

While Geminis tend to be more carefree and fun-loving, Virgos have a more organized and structured approach to life, according to Compatible Astrology. Given that Virgos tend to have a work-first mentality, as a Gemini, you might find yourself becoming bored with your partner's lifestyle and daily routine. While the structure can be a positive influence in the life of a Gemini, it's important to seek out a partner that you can truly enjoy life with.

According to InStyle, both signs have an indecisive nature that can end up contributing to an overarching feeling of a constant stalemate when it comes to conflict and decision-making. While this pairing can work, it will take a special effort on the part of each partner.

Geminis do make excellent partners

While building a relationship can be challenging for a Gemini with a tendency to become bored easily, it can be extremely rewarding as well. According to Co-star Astrology, when a Gemini says I love you, they are communicating their perception of a perfect moment. In order to find more of those perfect moments as a Gemini, you'll need a partner that can keep up with you mentally and emotionally, as well as engage in challenging conversations and new activities.

Another major plus for a Gemini is a partner that can add stability to your life without leaving you feeling bored. Geminis tend to leave when they get bored, so finding a lasting love that results in marriage may take some extra time. When a Gemini does find love, however, it's a love that will stay exciting for the long haul. Don't be afraid to love as a Gemini or to fall in love with one.