The Truth About Diane Lane And Jon Bon Jovi's Relationship

Diane Lane has never known any other world but the performing world, as she's been acting since she was a small child. She was only 14 years old when she landed her first film role in "A Little Romance" and only 20 when she met a young rock star named Jon Bon Jovi (via Notable Biographies). Like Lane, Bon Jovi also had stardom aspirations at an early age — back when he still spelled his name as John Bongiovi. He later named his band after the moniker we're all now familiar with — Bon Jovi (per Biography).

Bon Jovi was a 23-year-old young man just coming into his fame when he and Lane met in 1985. Bon Jovi's (the man and the band) self-titled debut album had just been released the year before, and the second album, "7800 Fahrenheit," made its way onto the charts around the same time Lane and Bon Jovi met. It was a time filled with partying and touring. Lane had some stories to tell about that era in her life when she appeared on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen" in 2017 (via InStyle). 

Diane Lane recalls living the rocker lifestyle with Jon Bon Jovi

After Diane Lane became a bona fide movie star and Oscar nominee for her work in 2002's "Unfaithful," she was able to look back at her younger years with a smile. She explained to Andy Cohen that she dated Jon Bon Jovi for a full five months, saying: "Every girl should have such a wonderful experience when she's that young" (via In Style).

Apparently, she kept some personal snaps of that time in her life, and revealed to Cohen that she has evidence of some of the intimate items Bon Jovi and his bandmates packed into their suitcases while on tour. "I have some photos of him packing for the tour ... Just all the jockstraps were lined up on the floor for the whole band to get through the whole tour. An ocean of jockstraps," she said. 

During the appearance, Lane also took the chance to apologize for Bon Jovi on air, saying, "Forgive me, Jon. It's been 30 years and they're still talking about us."

Why Diane Lane and Jon Bon Jovi broke up

In 2010, the group's former tour manager Richard Bozzett released his book "Sex, Drugs, and Bon Jovi." In it, the author digs a little deeper into what happened between Diane Lane and Jon Bon Jovi that made their romance so fast and fleeting. Bozzett claimed that Bon Jovi was attracted to Lane's party girl ways, but they eventually called it quits after he believed she was also involved with his bandmate, Richie Sambora (via The Daily Mail).

In the ensuing years, Lane and Bon Jovi have made lives for themselves in marriages to others and as parents. Lane wed actor Christopher Lambert in 1988 and had a daughter, Eleanor, but they divorced six years after the fact (via Notable Biographies). In 2004, she married actor Josh Brolin, but that union ended in 2013 (via People).

Bon Jovi had more success on the marriage front when he reunited with his high school sweetheart, Dorothea Hurley, in the late 1980s. They married in 1989, raised four children together, and are still going strong (via Biography).