The Most Popular Clothing Colors For 2021 May Not Be What You Expect

As we begin to transition out of summer clothes and into fall fashion, remember to keep the most popular colors for clothing items in mind, which range from fun and funky blues and greens to bright and bold oranges and reds.


This year, a trendy one is kelly green, which Who What Wear says "looks good on every skin tone." The shade has been seen on Bottega Veneta accessories, as reported by Vogue, and Yahoo! Life predicts that it will be seen this fall in color-blocking.

According to Zeitgeist, more and more sky blue, pumpkin orange, mint green, buttercream, cherry red, and hot pink will be seen this year, thanks to these all being shown off on the Spring/Summer 2021 runways. Of course, yellow is very in right now, too, and is even a Pantone Color of the Year, with the exact shade having the bright and bold name of Illuminating.

These fashionable colors will be seen on leather, bralettes, shoes, knits, and more

More stylish clothing colors were rounded up by Fashion United, which stated that the Spring-Summer 2022 season will be full of earthy indigo, olive oil, buttery yellow, deep almond green, and deep grey. The other color of the year from Pantone is Ultimate Gray, so that last one definitely makes sense!


The trending shades and hues don't stop there, though. When shopping, be sure to add in some chartreuse, tangerine, saffron, and lilac, taking inspiration from stars like Zendaya and Saweetie, who have worn purple to big events, as stated by Refinery29. Additionally, cyan blue is currently hot and is seen all over TikTok from brands such as Bamba Swim, Princess Polly, and Paloma Wool.

As for how to wear these popular colors, they will continue to be seen on colorful leather (via Cosmopolitan) and through items like bralettes, matching sets, and chunky shoes (via InStyle). They will also be big on materials such as lace, knits, and fringe (via Marie Claire).