The Truth About Jinger Duggar's Relationship With Jim Bob And Michelle

Fans of "19 Kids and Counting" and "Counting On" are well aware that the relationships in the Duggar family are not exactly what they used to be. A lot of change has rocked the family in recent years, leaving siblings at odds amongst others. Much has been made of the alleged feud between Jill Duggar and husband Derick Dillard and the rest of the Duggar clan. They may not be the only couple taking some space from the family, however. Fans believe that Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo may also be on the outs with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Certainly, of all the family members who have married and moved out of the Duggar family home in Arkansas, Jinger has undergone one of the most drastic transformations. Jinger began a courtship with Jeremy Vuolo in 2015 once he gained Jim Bob's approval after filling out a massive questionnaire (per Us Weekly). The two would get engaged and married the following year. The two started their life as a married couple in Laredo, Texas, a 4-hour flight from the Duggar family home in Tontitown, Arkansas. Slowly, fans started seeing more changes in Jinger.

Jinger Duggar always had big dreams

Jinger Duggar was just 14-years-old when her family started their show "19 Kids and Counting." It was clear even then that Jinger had dreams that might not align with her family's lifestyle. She was easily the sassiest of the Duggar sisters, always quick with a comment in the ways her sisters were not. Throughout her time on her family's reality shows, Jinger opened up about wanting to change her dreams, one of which was to become a photographer (per In Touch Weekly).

In a way, Jinger also rebelled with her union with Jeremy Vuolo. While many of the young men who marry into the Duggar family come from similar families, Jeremy had a whole life as a professional soccer player prior to marrying Jinger. He dated other women before courting her, which makes his lifestyle quite different from what the family was used to. Jeremy did meet Jinger during the next phase of his life, however, where he left soccer behind to pursue what he felt was a calling from God (per Pop Culture).

Jinger Duggar's choice of partner didn't comfort Jim Bob and Michelle

Jim Bob Duggar initially didn't let Jeremy Vuolo court his daughter, Jinger, as she revealed in her and Jeremy's book "The Hope We Hold: Finding Peace in the Promises of God." Jeremy recalled filling out the 50-page questionnaire Jim Bob gave his daughters' potential partners.

"I did not see that coming. If anything was a stumbling block, I'd thought it would be my past. I drank and partied in college. I'd been arrested. I could understand parents looking at those issues as red flags. It had never occurred to me that my theology would be the issue," he recalled (per The Sun). The two would discuss his responses back and forth over the next four months. 

"Jeremy, I'm so sorry. But I don't think I can let you pursue my daughter. This theology seems to be a deal-breaker," Jim Bob initially told him. He worked to convince his future father-in-law but when he finally did, Jinger became concerned about the repercussions of such a contentious relationship. Eventually, however, the two came to an understanding and moved their relationship forward.

Jinger Duggar continued to veer from her parents' ideals

Married life slowly revealed a different side of Jinger Duggar, now Jinger Vuolo. Jinger was notably the first of her siblings to not get pregnant within the first year of marriage, leading many to speculate the couple was using some form of birth control (per In Touch).

But that wasn't all. Jinger also started wearing pants as well as cutting and dyeing her hair (per Moms). It set her apart from the rest of the Duggar women, who all don long, curly locks, in a major way. Jinger and Jeremy also lived the farthest away — close to the Mexican border in Laredo, Texas, which is hours from the Tontitown Duggar home base 

They ventured even further in 2020 when they relocated to Los Angeles, and fans believe that Jinger might pursue the influencer lifestyle (per TVShowsAce). It's far from the Duggar philosophy of "Buy used, save the difference" (per Romper).

Jinger Duggar still found ways to bond with her mom

Despite the fact that is seems like Jinger Vuolo and Jim Bob Duggar keep some distance between them, Jinger does seem to be able to keep a relationship going with mom Michelle Duggar. One moment that bonded the two women was a tragic one. Jinger was pregnant with her and Jeremy's second child when she experienced a miscarriage. "I called my mom that morning and she kind of helped walk me through what it could be. She had that happen before with a pregnancy and she was able to keep the baby. So she said there is still a chance to go in and see," she said in a "Counting On" confessional (via Youtube).

Michelle Duggar has famously spoken about miscarrying her second child, an event that led the couple away from birth control (per The Sun). "We gave that area of our life to the Lord, and right after that, he gave us twins," she said of the incident, referring to the birth of John David and Jana.

Overall, Jinger has taken strides to become her own person. How will she set herself apart next?