Your Best Fashion Color Palette If You're A Gemini

When deciding on what to wear, why not take your star sign into consideration? For each sign, there are colors that are particularly well-suited, as well as those you might want to avoid. You've still got quite a lot of choice, as there's more than one ideal color for each sign. Plus, you can incorporate in other colors if you like, as long as they're not mentioned among the main "no-nos." Even if your favorite color isn't included, there are still plenty of ways to experiment with your style to create the outfit of your dreams — and one that aligns with the stars too!

Here, we're looking at the Gemini color palette, as well as the best color for Geminis to wear in 2021. For creativity and peace, clarity and expression, this is your best fashion color palette if you're a Gemini. While red and orange are both colors to avoid, what can you replace them with in your look?

Green is the way to go for Geminis

According to Now Let's Get Going, green is the ideal color for the creative yet sometimes anxious Gemini. It's a color that helps to prompt creativity and new ideas, which Geminis are known to do (per Allure). And it comes in so many shades that there should be something for even the most indecisive or overthinking person. However, black is another suitable color for Geminis (particularly for times when creativity isn't so desired), while white and the earthy yellow-orange of citrine are also described as being good fits (via Now Let's Get Going). Just don't go any further into orange, as red and orange can make your creativity turn stressful.

Who What Wear describes lavender as being the perfect color for Gemini in 2021, as it "clears their aura and helps them turn down the noise to achieve mental clarity" in a year that could well be full of change. So, green — particularly jade — and lavender are good starting points for your color palette, with space for white, black and citrine too.