Here's How The New Moon On August 8 Will Affect You If You If You're A Pisces

We all learn about the moon cycle in school, but deeper knowledge about the stars, the constellations, and how they work in astrology come much, much later in life. Let's talk about the constellation Pisces and what it represents when it's someone's zodiac sign. 

Pisces are born between February 19 and March 20 and, according to Astrology Zodiac Signs, they embody a mutable water sign and are drawn to and represent colors like mauve, sea green, and lilac. Pisces are compassionate and artsy, not to mention incredibly intuitive and wise — typically wiser for their age than other signs. This is, at least in part, because the Pisces sign is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, which draw out their intuitive side. It's not all good, though. "Tolerant and compassionate, they could do too much for other people out of good intentions, forgetting about their own wellbeing in the process," Astrology Zodiac Signs explains.

While these are Pisces' everyday traits, new moons are times of transformation, rebirth, and evolution. Because of this, these traits will be amplified during the new moon, which can lead to particularly interesting results.

Pisces should prepare to do a lot of growing in a short amount of time

When it comes to a new moon, there's no reason to fear or doubt. New moons are actually here to help us. They can connect us to our emotions or to others, and they can help us work through things. For Pisces, this new moon — and most new moons — will focus on transformation. In fact, according to Russh, Pisces often learn more about themselves during new moons. They need to "prepare to feel a heightened sense of sensitivity on both sides of [your] personality," and they warn that "this will become all the more impactful if [you're] already a sensitive person."

By "both sides," they mean your inner self and your outer self, which was particularly apt for March's new moon because it was in Pisces. Still, this applies to every new moon for the Pisces sign, and sometimes the solutions the new moon wants you to figure out are actually small. For example, according to Hello Giggles, Pisces during the new moon can benefit from a change in hairstyle. However, their growth can also be deeper, such as "changing [your] inner philosophies."

Even if your growth results at the end of the new moon aren't grand, they're still growth nonetheless. "Whatever you choose to do, remember that you're helping yourself evolve and transform. Spread your wings and fly," Hello Giggles explained to their Pisces audience.