Pisces: Traits, Dating, Friendships And More Explained

Oh, Pisces, with your majestic soul! That inherent pull you feel inside? Well, it's not just you. It's everyone born between February 19 and March 20. According to Cosmopolitan, people born under Pisces are ruled by dueling planets, thought-provoking Neptune and fantasy-like Jupiter. As a result, they are both "secretive and expansive, magical and worldly, soulful and joyful." Pisces bring us back in time to courtesy and whimsy. They are known as old souls, as Spirit Science notes, who are extremely intuitive and hold compassion for others.

Regarded as the most romantic of the zodiac signs, Pisces are easily the biggest dreamers. They can make an every day run to the grocery story feel like a unique adventure or a casual pool day feel like you're diving into the cenotes in Tulum, Mexico. So where does that magnetic force come from? Well, the symbol for Pisces is two fish facing opposite directions, which reflects the duality of an inner conflict, according to California Psychics. One side of them loves to learn and explore new possibilities, but the other just wants to hide under the blanket. The struggle is real because they feel all the vibes, as noted in Cosmopolitan.

Taking a Pisces for the good and the not-so-good

As Astrology.Care notes, some of the most beloved traits of a Pisces include kindness, spirituality, and awareness. The astrological sign can be taken as the most forgiving or tolerant. Pisces people typically dislike selfishness in others, so watch out, Aries. There are some not-so-positive attributes to a Pisces, too. We all have our dark sides, after all. 

California Psychics says its two sides can make a Pisces quite the escape artist. This sign tends to see things through rose-colored glasses and can be overly sensitive. When they are feeling their most stressed, their loose grip on reality can result in dishonesty, isolation, and pessimism. Pisces also experience a great need for helping people and form deep connections with those they love. But this means they will give out all of their strength to better someone else's life and that could leave them with nothing, as Astrology.Care explains.

So what do you do when you've got your hands full with a Pisces? Buckle up, it's going to be a magically bumpy ride.

What is it like dating a Pisces?

As a water sign, Pisces is in tune with their emotions and with the emotions of others (via Vice). They are sweet, caring, and gentle, and if they see their partner in pain, they will do everything they can to make them feel loved and less alone. As dreamers and idealists, Pisces can often get so wrapped up in romantic notions those close to them might call them "hopeless romantics." As such, they need a partner who will appreciate this quality and join in on dreaming big and tagging along for creative dates. 

A Pisces can even make a trip to the grocery store together feel special. They might look lovingly at you over the shopping cart or grab your hand as you walk through the cereal aisle. They are flexible, sympathetic people, and they make loving, caring, attentive partners. 

It's important to keep in mind, however, that because they care so much about keeping others around them happy and comfortable, they might keep their own feelings or troubles to themselves. This can manifest in what feels like dishonesty, as you will likely have to poke and pry to get them to talk about what they consider their own messiness or darkness or admit to feelings of frustration or anger. As they learn to trust you however, this will get easier.   

What is it like to be friends with a Pisces?

If you have a Pisces friend, you already know that they are the person to call when you are in need of emotional support (via Tarot). They will listen intently and compassionately to every word you have to say, and they will offer loving advice with gentleness and thought. A Pisces will always be your biggest supporter and will cheer you on as you succeed in your endeavors and mourn with you and comfort you when you land on your face. 

Because of that caring nature that makes them people-pleasers, you may sometimes bump up against passive-aggressive behavior if you are in an argument, as they don't ever want to outright say something hurtful or admit to feelings of anger. If you are close to a Pisces, communicating to them that you love them and that it's okay for them to be honest with you is a good way to get through this if ever there is conflict. 

As the most creative of signs, they are also the person to call upon when you are starting a new artistic endeavor or trying to come up with a solution to a complex problem, as they just see things differently and can probably help you see more possibilities.  

Which careers are best suited to a Pisces?

Because of their creativity, sensitivity, and compassion, Pisces need careers that allow them to utilize their imaginations while also doing something they feel is worthwhile and meaningful (via Monster). They won't be able to abide a career or a job that either stifles their creativity or feels as though it doesn't have any type of altruistic meaning or purpose. 

As such, Pisces make wonderful artists and filmmakers. They are also perfectly equipped to become effective, meaningful psychologists, therapists, social workers, and human resource professionals. If their job allows them to help people, make art they believe in, or fight for a cause they believe in, this sensitive water sign will feel fulfilled and happy in their careers and do good work that matters. 

If they are stuck in a career or job that feels stifling or only really exists to produce financial gain, they will quickly feel out of sorts and separated from themselves. They are a sign that really needs to do a job they can feel good about. 

Who are some famous Pisces?

Several famous Pisces have used their sensitivity and creativity to make wonderful careers for themselves making the art they believe in (via Cosmopolitan), and once you hear who they are, you'll believe in the power of the Pisces. Rihanna claims this water sign as her own, and with a career spanning decades and featuring a great deal of creative energy, from her music to her fashion line, she does her sign proud. 

Drew Barrymore is another famous Pisces, and she has used her sensitivity to embody various roles over decades in film and TV, as well as building a loyal fanbase who love her as the warm, loving person she so clearly is. Kesha is another famous fish, as are Millie Bobbie Brown and rapper/actor Common. 

Justin Bieber is a Pisces, and has used his creative energy to make music since he was a literal child. Dakota Fanning, Trevor Noah, and Tyler the Creator also share this powerful water sign.