Different Ways Cats Show They Love You

Cats are not only good for keeping you company and providing you with lots of hilarious content to post on the internet. According to Healthline, cats can also be beneficial to your physical and mental health. Cats can not only be great anti-stress relief and help lower your anxiety, per Mental Floss, but they also "can be just as good of companions as dogs." 

In fact, having a cat around who shows affection can be just as healthy as taking your vitamins everyday. Of course, there are some people who just don't like cats, because they think they're mean. While it's understandable that some people with allergies would avoid spending time with cats, anyone who just doesn't like cats because they find them aloof may change their tune once they know just how cats show their affection. Aside from cuddling up on your lap and purring when you're petting them, there are some other ways cats can show how much they adore you.

Your cat's tail and eyes can communicate how they're feeling

There are quite a few ways that cats can show their affection. When you first walk into a room, your cat may start rolling around on the ground. This is a greeting that means they are excited to see you, according to The Spruce Pets. They may also come up to you and head-butt you. While this may sound like a threat, it actually means they love you and are trying to "leave [their] scent on you." 

A cat's tail is also another easy indicator on how they're feeling. If you notice their tail is curved or wrapped around you, co-founder of PetPedia Boriana Slabakova says that it's a sign of "true friendship" (via Best Life). Their eyes can also tell a lot. Per Catster, receiving a slow blink from your feline friend is the equivalent of receiving a kiss. If you want to return the favor, all you need to do is slow blink back. 

Now, there are some things, like nibbling on your finger and bringing you dead animals, that may sound annoying. As unusual as they are, these are just ways cats show their affection in their own language by providing you with "love bites" and a tasty snack to enjoy. Once you start to understand your cat's unique way of showing how they care, you can develop an even stronger bond with your fur friend.