Your Best Fashion Color Palette If You're A Pisces

Deciding what to wear can be tricky — even choosing between colors is difficult sometimes, and it can be hard to know what outfit to go for. While a number of factors might influence the look you opt for, from the weather to the level of comfort to what's currently in fashion, you can't forget about your star sign either.


For each zodiac sign, there's a dream color palette, as well as colors to avoid, and choosing your clothes accordingly is sure to bring you peace and power in equal measure, letting you dress to impress and look your very best. For example, some star signs suit bolder colors, while others are best matched with cooler colors that don't quite pack the same ferocious punch (via Now Let's Get Going) — it varies from sign to sign, so why not take the time to see which colors are best for you? Up next is the star sign of everyone's favorite "The Office" protagonist Michael Scott: Pisces. What's the best fashion color palette for those of you old souls born between late February and mid-March? 

Lavender and peach are dream colors for Pisces

First things first, Now Let's Get Going explained that deep, bold colors are ones to avoid for Pisces, as they can play on the more emotional, dramatic and anxious sides of the Pisces personality. Instead, lighter colors should form your fashion palette. Lavender, peach, and cotton-candy blue are three of the colors you're best suited to. Then there's the sunny brightness of yellow, another color that's recommended, while it's difficult to go wrong with white — another lighter shade in your palette.


According to Your Tango, green is also an ideal color for Pisces, being perfectly suited to their somewhat introverted and introspective nature, symbolizing new beginnings and a balanced life. For Pisces, light and fresh colors are the way to go. Some, like yellow and peach, are a little warmer, so you can strike a great balance with temperature — just stay away from anything too bold, as it could exacerbate your stresses.