How Close Are Angelina Jolie's Oldest Daughters, Shiloh And Zahara?

Angelina Jolie's children range in age from their teens to their twenties, with her elder three children being adopted and her younger three being biological. After adopting eldest son Maddox and second eldest son Pax from Cambodia and Vietnam respectively, Jolie adopted daughter Zahara from Ethiopia. Her first biological child, Shiloh, was born a year later and was followed by twins Knox and Vivienne, completing her brood in 2008 (via Insider). 

Growing up in such a big family, some siblings are sure to be closer than others, and it would be fair to say that there's probably the occasional dose of sibling rivalry too. Six children born seven years apart, they've all grown up together, and are now fast approaching adulthood. Being the eldest daughters of the bunch, and with little over a year separating them in age, you might assume that teenagers Zahara and Shiloh would be pretty close. What's the truth, however? Let's take a look.

The pair are close, often being seen together

It's not only their ages that Zahara and Shiloh have in common. They were both born in Africa — albeit on different sides of the continent. While Zahara was adopted from Ethiopia as a baby, Shiloh was born to Angelina Jolie in Namibia, where Jolie and then-partner Brad Pitt went to escape media attention. Not only that, but they both underwent surgeries around the same time, giving them something else to bond over (via South China Morning Post).

They share a number of famous friends, too. Both Zahara and Shiloh have been snapped alongside "Stranger Things" actress Millie Bobby Brown and Canadian actress and activist Saara Chaudry. However, they appear just as happy hanging out with each other. They've long played sports together, growing up playing soccer while being cheered on by parents Jolie and Pitt.

We often see them spending quality time with their mother too. The Daily Mail notes that they've been spotted out and about shopping, while Page Six reports that they also enjoy traveling together.