Where To Get The Exact Clothes Dorinda Medley Wears On The Real Housewives Of New York

Dorinda Medley was on "The Real Housewives of New York City" — the second installment in this Bravo franchise, with its start back in 2008 — between the reality show's seventh and 12th seasons. Over the years, she has given to charities, led Dorobics workout classes, entertained by throwing parties and hosting friends, and worked in fashion. That being said, those who are looking to copy her style should check out WornOnTV.


This website lists out exact pieces seen on Medley when she was a housewife, ranging from swimsuits and accessories to dresses and loungewear, allowing fans to browse and make purchases.

For instance, when enjoying some fun in the sun, this housewife was spotted in a Leopard-Print Balconette One-Piece Swimsuit by Dolce & Gabbana, and it is available on FARFETCH. She has also been seen in a Muscle Tank by Spiritual Gangster, and there are options for this piece through Zappo's.

Clothing items like Dorinda Medley's reunion dress are available for purchase

Dorinda Medley of "The Real Housewives of New York City" loves layers, and she once wore a great ivory cardigan. Thanks to WornOnTV, we know this was the Tinley Cardigan by Naked Cashmere. Who remembers her single-breasted, floral-jacquard, velvet jacket by Gucci? It, too, can be purchased and worn by viewers via MATCHESFASHION.


Unfortunately, some of the clothing items are out of stock, but this website still lists out names, brands, and stores, meaning one could check back for a restock, sign up for notifications from the shops, or even find similar pieces. Medley's cropped sequined georgette pants by Ashish were memorable, but are not available as of publication, for example. And many were surely blown away by her reunion look, an Embellished Mini Dress by Balmain ... which can also not be bought and worn by fans right now.

Still, there are plenty of options, and with all the different shows in this franchise and all the different stars, there are always new and fashionable products being added!