Everything You Need To Know About The Korean Diamond Nails Trend

South Korea, especially Seoul, is known for being wildly ahead of its time when it comes to beauty and fashion trends, and nails are certainly no exception. With a plethora of Korean nail artists flooding Instagram, inspiration and creative options can be found everywhere. Striking styles include marble finishes, matte nails, half-and-half nails, and tattoo nails, just to name a few, as noted by Byrdie

With over 700,000 followers on Instagram, the manicure mastermind that is Park Eunkyung is a true artist with more than enough tricks up her sleeve. As the owner of Unistella Salon in Seoul, Eunkyung is no stranger to how an expertly crafted manicure can be a personal statement and an art form in one, per Allure. The originator of the shattered glass trend, Eunkyung has created an astronomical amount of unconventional designs, shapes and colors when it comes to her nail art. However, there is one particular trendy design that takes time, patience, and most importantly skill to create, but the results will surely be worth it.

Read on to learn all about diamond nails.

Shine bright like a diamond (nail)

If bling is your thing, then be sure to try out the diamond nails trend. Invented by manicurist maven Park Eunkyung as a more bold version of the shattered glass look that took the internet by storm, diamond nails give you a futuristic, shiny effect that can be spotted from a mile away. Created with holographic foils, according to Teen Vogue, this style stays true to its name by resembling the unmistakable reflection of a diamond. Although Park refuses to give away her secrets when it comes to her exact techniques of crafting her projects, Refinery29 speculates that there's a cut-and-glue process involved when it comes to the diamond nail look. If you want to replicate an amateur (but still super cool) diamond nail trend yourself at home, be sure to grab holographic lacquer and a reliable, flake finish topcoat.

"I am the type of person who really focuses on the steps rather than the result," Eunkyung told Allure, her attention to detail surely paying off. With her talent and hard work, diamond nails are one of her most memorable projects yet.