Who Is Ocean Glapion?

The world of comedy is a vast one. It's full of funny people yet small enough to where it seems like every comedian knows one another. It's a world full of emotion despite its presentation as surface-level humor, and it's even lost some incredible talents as of late. Big names in comedy like Paul Mooney and Jackie Mason have died in 2021, but the comedy world is resilient. It continues to make people laugh in the name of awful things, and if one thing is true about comedy, it's that it's full of the most colorful people.

What's particularly nice about the comedy world is that established comedians are typically great about ushering in new generations of comedians. One comedian who's making waves now is Ocean Glapion. According to his IMDb page, Glapion has appeared on the screen both as himself and in acting roles. His acting debut came in 2008 when he appeared in "Nerd Boy" and he'd later return to the acting scene in 2021's "Welcome Matt." He began appearing as himself on television in 2010 and has appeared in such programs as "The Comedy Underground Series" and "StaannDUP!"

While Glapion's career is taking off now, just where did this comedian start out?

This is what's led Ocean Glapion to his next endeavors

Ocean Glapion followed the typical routine of moving to Los Angeles, California, to pursue his dreams, but he's anything but typical. Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, Glapion moved to L.A. in 2003 and has since become a staple in the city's comedy nightlife scene (via Improv.com). According to Improv.com, his sets include such topics as raising his son and "growing up with a strict parent." His career so far has led him to work with the likes of Kevin Hart, Martin Lawrence, Nick Cannon, and many more famous funny people. 

Glapion's career may just have flourished because of his personality and dispositions. According to Net Worth Post, he's "one of the 'nicest guys in comedy,'" and while we can't say for sure this is why he's been successful, a moniker like this would certainly make people want to work with you. His career, which started when he studied theater at New Orleans' Xavier University, so far has led him to be worth $12 million, per the outlet — and he's only just beginning.

With his career taking off, Glapion is slated to next appear on "Celebrity Family Feud" on August 15 (via Headline Planet).