If You're A Gemini, Do This Workout Routine

The third sign of the Zodiac sometimes gets a tough rap — Geminis are often called "liars", "two-faced," or "cheaters," per InStyle. The truth is, the Gemini is just misunderstood, as it is the only Zodiac sign with a natural duality, as in, two personalities wrapped up in one being. According to Sun Signs, this multiple personality attribute of the Gemini is what can cause boredom to quickly creep in, so regular, mundane routines may not be the best option for this twin sign.

Astrology Zone claims that spontaneity is a great characteristic of the Gemini, but can also make the sign a bit flighty, which can cause Geminis to ditch some routines, even if they are smack in the middle of an exercise one. Pink Villa notes that the Gemini, known as "the social butterfly" of the Zodiac, will thrive in a fitness arena that involves others. Below, learn about one specific workout Geminis will love — along with some other great fitness routines.

A Gemini needs action and entertainment

This Zodiac sign does better when actively working out with a friend or in a social setting, like a beach volleyball tournament, according to Harper's Bazaar. For instance, per Pink Villa, Zumba is an excellent choice for the Gemini, with its fast pace, upbeat music, and social scene — which is all entertaining — making this workout a great match for the twin sign. Astrology Zone suggests similar workouts, stating aerobics, dance classes, or basketball will keep the Gemini occupied and motivated while they get a great cardio workout. 

Because the Gemini is always on the move, Sun Signs reports that high impact, cardio-driven workouts are the best exercise option for this Zodiac. As astrologer Brad Williams, host of "The Karmic Story with Brad Williams" podcast, explained to Byrdie, "Gemini is ruled by Mercury, who is the messenger of the Gods... in true Mercury fashion, the speed of the workout is crucial as the time spent on the workout can only be long enough to keep the Gemini's attention." Williams goes on to suggest that any fast-paced activity that can be paired with a partner, like tennis, is sure to keep the Gemini's attention and provide a great workout. 

In addition to all of this group activity, Sun Signs does note that Geminis can also occasionally switch it up with some solo exercise as well, like gymnastics or rollerblading.